Thursday, February 17, 2011

Experience The Real Thing Diner

Just when you thought you had outgrown your childhood fantasies, something comes along which you  just have to keep for your collection.  Look at the pic above, its my collection of Coca Cola stuff.  Nah, I'm just joking.  That's not my collection and that's not my room.  Can you imagine your own house overflowing with Coke memorabilia and stuff? Lovely isn't it?  But spare yourself the trouble and just come here, and experience Coke mania at The Real Thing Diner.

It feels like nostalgia when I first came into this one of a kind diner.  And somehow it all seemed familiar... even the sounds emanating from the speakers seemed familiar.... ahhh they are Coke commercial jingles!!! Always Coca Cola!!.

Well, what has this unbelievable place have for us? Lots and lots of Coke Memorabilia collected by one of the co-owners KV Golamco, of the The Real Thing Diner.  Just take a look at his collections!!

 And now the fun part!! Food!! They have quite a selection and it is really is out of this world.  Just imagine mixing your favorite sodas into your favorite foods.  Delightful right?  Yes, it indeed is.

I know the words on the menu are quite blurred, but just to give you an idea... everything is really Coke-y!!

Buttoms up!! Coca-Cola concoctions: Coca-Cola Cinnamon Snifter
Something new and out of the box!  A new way to floats and definitely a must try. 
I love chicken... but not particularly wing parts, but I just could not resist this
Spicy Sarsi Wings P 199
wonder how it tastes? Let's just say " I love wings again!!"
you really have to try this out, you'll be wanting more I promise.
Eight O'Clock Apple Green Tea Fish Fillet P 249
Steamed Dory Fish Fillet, perfectly done with rice, the apple green tea flavor was kind of the wow factor on this dish.  It gave off quite an aroma that only green tea can give, and lemon butter sauce made it more flavorful, the fillet was nicely done, its healthy and delicious, perfect for the weight conscious.
Eight O' Clock Chicken P289
It tastes good with a little orange flavor since well, it is made with Eight O' Clock.  Grilled hot and always a treat for kids and adults too.
Coca-Cola BBQ Burger P249
the beef patty was one delicious blend, with lettuce, tomatoes and yummy mayo as toppings, it made this burger, one of the best burgers I've had in recent memory.
Now, the Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs P 399
is definitely on the come back list for this joint.  The baby back ribs are grilled to a tender, with meat easy on the bite and tasty inside and out, it has a spicy kick as well.  I found myself sipping on the bones.... shhhh, don't tell anyone ok.
Spinach Walnut Pasta P 259
some kind of a pasta indeed, hmmm.... you might say, should I try this or not? It's kinda nice to find innovation in food as well, such as this.  And it comes as a real surprise, and I'm quite satisfied indeed.
Ol' Fashion Spaghetti 'n Meatballs P 199
A classic and always a favorite amongst almost who have lived in this world, may you be Asian, North American, European, Australian or whatever race you may be.  The gold ol' fashion Spaghetti 'n meatballs always does the trick.  You use a fork, stick it in, make twirls and sip the noodles.  Yum!! Don't forget the meatballs!!

After that fulfilling meal, are you ready for some desserts?
Sure you are! First up...
Chookie Ice Cream Sandwich P 89
Vanilla Ice cream sandwiched in crunchy Chookie cookie, a perfect alternative to the usual crepes. Love the chocolate syrup!!
Happily Appley P89
like happily ever after, you will be smiling after you take this down..
and last on our food trip Choc a la Mode P 89
bite into this surprise on the bottom vanilla ice cream topped with cherry
and drizzles of chocolate syrup.

Well worth your money, good food, good place. Perfect for your night outs and taking your dates too.  Thank you Noelle Cassandra and KV Golamco for bringing The Real Thing to reality.

Always The Real Thing. Always Coca-Cola!

The Real Thing Diner
2F Il Terrazzo,
Tomas Morato cor. Sct. Madrinian
Quezon City
Tel. no (+632) 352-4320


  1. WOW, this blog post officially made me hungry. I had a friend who cooks some chicken dish with coke. and my mom cooks another dish with sprite haha


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