Thursday, February 24, 2011

Food Fusion at Coco Asian Kitchen and Bubble Tea Boy

Coco Asian Kitchen

A new twist to your favorite Asian dishes...

"The Club" was recently invited to savor and taste test Coco Asian Kitchen and also to try out their new offerings for Bubble Tea Boy, right in the heart of Greenhills, in Promenade.

It was quite a gathering of great foods and friends, so engrossed was everybody that food comes and goes in a jiffy.  What did we have?  Most notably, these were the ones I loved most.
Cha Gio P 90, 
Coco Asian's version of the famous Vietnamese spring rolls, 
crispy and definitely a must-try, loved the sauce as well, a good appetizer

Next appetizer that we had Ube Ubod P 120, I was quite hesitant to try this at first, thinking what should it taste, but as to my surprise, it was delicious.  

What is this? It's lumpia ubod filling wrapped in specially made ube wanton wrapper.  A mix of yummy vegetables, ubod style, with lots of nutmeg, gave it distinctly good nutty taste.  The ube wrapper gave it a balance of sweetness and that delicious ube flavor speaks for itselft.  I would definitely be back for more of this.
Dory ala Coco P 290 (left), Sweet Potato Prawns P 360
These dishes are heaven sent.  Perfect with rice, the Dory ala Coco, as stated is mixed with coconut milk, with added spice from pepper, was fried to a crisp with bread crumbs and tender dory fillet.  With regards to the prawns, other than the usual tempura batter used in tempura, sweet potato strings were used, giving it a uniquely sweet taste, coupled with tempura sauce, made our dinner more than fulfilling.
Tinumok P 260, have tried it in many Filipino grilled restos,
found this quite good and meaty as well.
And now for refreshments, also on their store is their new specialty,
Bubble Tea Boy
Although a newcomer in the market, they have made quite a stir in the bubble tea scene, with fresh ingredients being imported from Japan, you can be assured of fine quality bubble tea drinks!! Heavy favorites include Harajuku - caramel milk tea, and Osaka - roasted honey milk tea. Also you get to choose your sweetness level at that.  All at an affordable price of only P80.00

So visit Coco Asian Kitchen and Bubble Tea Boy at the G/F The Promenade in Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City.

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