Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More than fish at Fish & Co.

****Best Fish & Chips in Town**** 
We were recently invited by  Fish & Co. and Mr. Carlo to partake in a fabulous meal for the senses.  Great sights, great smells, great food.  I have rarely eaten at Fish & Co., not because I don't like it, but because my family always prefer Chinese foods, so that is why I always find it a treat to try out different restaurants.  And here we are savoring their lovely dishes.

Fish & Co. added new food items for their menu, and may I add they look very promising
First up, Appetizer - Shrimp Prawn Trellies (P 255), wrapped in Vermicelli, I could not get enough of this, dipped in special mango sauce with a pinch of spiciness, perfect start to great meal ahead
 Breaded Chicken Piggyback (P385).... I was wondering why it was called that, alas I see that the prawns were made to look like piggy tails...aha how creative.  Chicken was very crisp outside and juicy inside - Perfect!  The prawns were very fresh and complemented the chicken well.
 Grilled Lamb Chops (P 995), personally I don't eat lamb meat, but with the look of my friends face, I'm
pretty sure it was a delight to their palate
 Shrimp and Chicken breast Al Pesto (P 395), the shrimps were so good so was the chicken breast, definitely healthy food for the health-conscious
Garlic Steak and Shrimp Combo (P1494), sided with mushrooms and rice, 
good for the glutton in all of us
Grilled Mediterranean Tenderloin (P725) - Amazingly this tenderloin was cooked so well, I didn't even have to use a steak knife, I used my spoon and fork only.  That is how perfect it was.
Grilled Chicken Peri-Peri (P 440) a hefty serving good for 2, juicy chicken, tasty skin can't resist not eating that sorry.... anyways it was grilled so less guilt!!
Grilled Porkchop Basilico (P560) when I tasted this I almost forgot my name, I had eaten chunk after chunk, but still my taste buds keep telling me... more, more, more!!!
 and to cap it all a desert for the Gods, hot fudge chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (P 190) OMG!!!! this is so heavenly, get a chunk of chocolate cake then smother it with vanilla ice cream and ..... bliss!!! 

Food prices : P 250 to P1500

Thanks to Fish & Co., Mr. Carlo and Ms. Jane for the invitation.

Fish & Co., Shangri-la Plaza Mall

G/F Streetscape, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd.
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(02) 910-2140 to 42

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