Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My mouth-watering burger from HOTSHOTS!!!

Recently I won a GC from a promo from, and it was for a free burger and drink meal at HOTSHOTS flame-grilled burgers.  Actually, I always pass by this place but never really dropped by since I never really had the chance since we are always busy with our engagements.

So this time I was obligated hah... to visit this particular branch at Tomas Morato.  I was handed my GC and upon looking at their menu, looks yummy indeed.

My GC gave me a choice of 11 burger sandwiches, all of them look sinfully delicious... why sinfully?? Hmmm, quarter pound burger patty, loads of cheese and even though it's flame-grilled it does still have the juices from beef which I call cholesterol.  But how can I resist such, arrrggghhhh.


After a look at their menu.... one did caught my eye
I love quarter pound patties, mushrooms, crispy bacon bits, mayo and lots of cheese sauce!!!

So I gave in to my heart's desire, and used my GC for this eye candy... Crispy Burger Melt.
And after a few minutes of waiting here it is...
It was neatly wrapped with free potato chips garnished.... I did order the extra twister fries to complement my order of this wonderful burger sandwich
And wow does that look yummy....

The sight of the burger surprised me, the quarter pound patty looked small in diameter, just like any ordinary burger but the patty is thicker than the ones you see in fast food chains.  At first bite the juices started flowing out of the flame-grilled patty, it was evenly cooked, then this kicked in...  the crispy bacon bits (really crispy as in you can hear them crack on your teeth), the bits of mushroom, the soothing mayo and finally the delectable cheese sauce. Yummy! I felt like I was lifting up the ground and heading to the heavens with the monstrous bites I was taking, devouring the burger like there's no tomorrow mixing it up with chips and twister fries (tastes like the ones in your favorite fastfood chain).

And after a few minutes of hardcore action.... it was done.  All of it gone and the sad thing is I wanted more... but I had to compose myself before I regret gaining another few pounds.  I wanted to taste the other burgers and stuff such as:

There were pastas, chicken, buffalo wings, fish and chips, lots of potatoes, tacos and much much more....  I had to get myself out of there before I head once again to the counter and order again, at least I have a reason to return to this burger joint next time around.

My rating for the the Cheesy Burger Melt
Taste            - 4 stars, the burger buns should have been warmer than what was served to me, though the patty was hot, the cheesy sauce and the bacon bits complemented the tasteful burger.

Ambiance     - 3 stars, it is a fastfood burger joint, but it sure needed some maintenance work especially on the outside as the colors were starting to get worn out.

Service         - 4 stars, as this is supposed to be a self-service one, let's based it on cooking time, yes it was fast

Price            - 4 stars, I believe it is fairly priced at P175.00 as its flame-grilled with potato chip as sidings.

Overall, I would recommend this place to everyone who loves eating outdoors and would like to have food adventures, the food here is very tempting and just like me, maybe you would come back again to try out their other offerings..


HOTSHOTS flame-grilled burgers

238 Tomas Morato Ext.,
South Triangle, Quezon City
(near ABS-CBN)

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