Saturday, May 1, 2010

BEWARE...The Best Lechon Kawali in town...

This time we trek through the side streets of Manila to find a gem among the vast array of restaurants all over the great metro, there are many places in Manila such as Chinatown, Malate, Pasay that offer lots of food choices... but here in Santa Cruz, Manila there is really one that caught my attention... and my taste bud's attention as well.

located along Remigio St. near 
corner Felix Huertas St., 
Sta, Cruz, Manila

Instead of the usual burger fastfood chains, try this place out and yes it is cheaper than you think and I assure you, you will be full with less than P80.00.  You may have at least once in your life stepped into a tapsilog chain... but I will guarantee you if you come by and taste what they have to offer here in CHADES, you will be back here again with any chance you get. This may be your typical tapsilogan, with a couple of food choices, but the taste, the aroma and the freshness of the food will surely tickle your taste buds and take you to wonderful gastronomical experience.

There are quite a lot in the selection of this 
Tagalog fast food:

* Chicken chops - Chiksilog (P52.00)
* Tocino             - Tosilog
* Bangus            - Bangusilog
* Longaniza        - Longsilog
* Hotdog            - Hotsilog
* Corned Beef    - C.Beefsilog (P38.00)
* Adobo            - Adobosilog
* Tilapia             - Tilapiasilog (P40.00)
* Tapa               - Tapsilog ( P38.00)
* Lechon Kawali - Lechon Rice (MY FAVORITE) (P52.00)

Now after all the intruduction on to my favorite the LECHON RICE.
Oh so fulfilling.... and unlimited Mang Tomas Lechon Sauce

So let's cut to the chase, I guess the pictures speak for themselves
My rating for CHADES LECHON RICE - out of 5 stars

Taste             - 5 stars (very crispy skin), yummy lechon sauce
Service          - 5 stars very fast service, order and food is ready in 5.
                        best of all served hot!!!
Ambiance      - 4 stars, it is a fastfood carinderia....clean, very clean
Price             - 5 stars!! all out.... you can have a complete meal for less than 80.00, that is extra rice included a bottle of soda, or juice. You'll come out happy, I guarantee it!!!

And one more thing you can buy a chunk of that lovely lechon kawali for take out.... they weigh it and sold around 200 up.... depends on the grams... enjoy it at home - PULUTAN. Yum!!

I came back the next day I had a taste of this exceptional tapsilog place, I'm sure you'll be back for more too, by the way don't expect to have a seat at once... as the place gets really packed even during the wee hours of the morning!!  ENJOY!!!


  1. I can feel my arteries screaming at the sight of this yummy, yummy, lechon! I love your blog! Im sure going to look for this place when I visit Sta. Cruz :)

  2. I'm posting about Chades too, hope you don't mind if I include your Chades post there. :)

  3. the best the talaga ang chadez. nakilala ang area namin dahil sa mga tapsilugan ngaun CHADES is the Best, actually chades sa e.remigio ay sa anak na ni aling chades, chades started at rizal ave. between bambang and alvarez, since 1994 existing na yan, nung nag click nag branch out ung anak sa may e.remigio, ang gustong gusto ko jan dati ung chicksilog nila, nag start sila na 30Php pa ata ang tapsilog nila, ung me ari ng chades sa e.remigio nakakalaro ko pa dati yan sa basketball, ano pa inaantay ninyo kain na sa CHADES isa ngang LECHONSILOG, chixsilog,tapsilog, embosilog at iba pa.
    Happy eating

  4. We recently visited this place and the lechon rice is still the undisputed champion! :)

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