Monday, April 26, 2010

A Baked Ziti to go.... from Italiani's

I recently claimed my Baked Ziti from Italianni's from their facebook promo, having had a full dinner with many orders that we were not able to finish, I decided to have it to go...

We were told to keep it chilled when we got home, and better yet to keep it frozen to retain the freshness of the Baked Ziti.

True to their advise, I took it out the next day and place it in my favorite appliance in the house, the microwave haha.... After 2 mins. of waiting forever, beep beep beep it came out smelling just perfect... the ooze scattered all over the room(must be the cheese and herbs working).  I took a slice and had a taste...ooohhhh yum.  The herbs and the cheese started to mix in my salivating tongue and it was such a pleasure to taste it, the pasta was still crisp to the bite. After 15 minutes of having war with my Baked Ziti, I finally finished it and it was really a mouth full.  I think I gained a few more pounds after that big serving.

Overall it was a very satisfying experience to the palate:
My score for this Baked Ziti from Italiani's: [out of 5(five) stars]

Taste              : 4 stars for the delicious mix of cheese, herbs
Ambiance       : 4-stars (for my dine-in experience), a great fine-dining place to spend time with friends
Service           : 5-stars service was indeed impeccable, attendants were fast and polite
Price              : 4-stars priced at around P475, this big servings can make up for the price as it can 
                       feed 2 - 3 persons depending on appetite as well

I recommend you drop by any Italiani's Italian Restaurant near your place and have a taste of their wonderful dishes.. you will surely have a mouthful, good for family, friends, and some private time together with your loved one...

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