Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My food blog...

Hi.... this is my food blog. As some of you may know me.. I do own another blog that is, and some of you may have actually seen me...I have a gained some weight, why? because of all the lovely and delicious food around.

It's not their fault if they make good and tasty food... what hurts me most is having to eat something that I have payed for and yet did not enjoy the food... as in bland, tasteless and utter waste of time and money...

Indulge me as I show you food trippings, reviews, taste tests and let you know what your money is worth spending on....    because like you I would not like to be cheated of my money....

Hope you support and enjoy this blog... as much as I would enjoy making it fun for you as well..


1 comment :

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