Thursday, April 22, 2010

Donut of the Titans... review

Good day food lovers... let's start the ball rolling
Everyday we pass by malls looking for great food finds.... for any reason at all... may it be to satisfy our cravings, to soothe our broken hearts, to cheer us up or just food tripping..

So we buy our food hoping it would satisfy our fancy... and hunger as well... everybody has to eat, but what do we eat, what should we eat, what not to eat and last but not the least is it worth our hard earned money....

So here we go, just recently having the "CLASH OF THE TITANS" movie being a movie event of the year, KRISPY KREME launched their Donut of the Titans, as well as their Coffee of the Titans as well.

I decided to try this out as this may be a limited engagement:

It looks yummy doesn't it...
look at the big bits of CRUNCH by Nestle

The best way to eat this donut is to use your hand and take a munch right out, but if you do have a small mouth, I suggest you cut it into pieces as it may not fit.. It is not that big, although we might just knock off some Crunch bits on the way... and that would be a waste.  When you bite it you can actually feel the crispies inside the bits of Crunch scattered all over with icing around... for the sweet tooth... this would be a fantastic treat, but not for the diabetics out there... 

The donut bun was full and soft, it was really delicious to eat.... but there is some kind of let down though... the price...

My rating for the Donut of the Titans: [out of 5(five) stars]
Taste                  -    3 1/2 stars
Service                -    N/A
Price                   -    2 

Overall, I would tell you to buy this just out of curiosity.... or if you really for your kids.  With a price tag of P 72.00, if I have remembered correctly.. It would definitely be out of the take-out box for me.. Just stick to the original glazed one and you'll never go wrong.  

For my readers.. if you have some food or delicacy you would like for me to try out... please shell out your ideas and I'll try my best to give it a fair review.  For restaurant reviews... and if you want to be featured on this site, we have food group bloggers interested to cover and promote your products and give reviews as well.... just treat us to a meal.. and we would gladly oblige.

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