Monday, February 23, 2015

New Cream-O Brownie Crunch treats! Crisp in every bite


Jack n' Jill new Cream-O Brownie Crunch bite into crisp chocolate goodness!

I love doing grocery chores... some of you may hate it, but I just love strolling around with those push carts, doing aisle by aisle until well, I finish the whole supermarket, haha one of my guilty pleasures!  So why do I go around supermarkets so much?  Well, you might just find something new and interesting to bring home with you!  Well, lucky me I just found one, it's Jack n' Jill's new Cream-O Brownie Crunch!


Yup I am!  Ok admit it so are you, yes we have had those days where we open our lunch boxes and there you have you ever favorite Cream-O!  And so with our love for Cream-O's and for all certified Cream-Oholics, get to enjoy a new and unique way of enjoying your Cream-O plus more!  Bite on these crispy and exciting chocolate indulgence, the Jack n' Jill Cream-O Brownie Crunch.


A great new innovation from Universal Robina Corp. (URC), comes a new way of enjoying your chocolate brownies.  Cream-Oholics can sink their taste buds in rich and crunchy chocolate brownie crisps that come in two equally delectable variants - Peanut Thins and Choco Chips.


For those on the sweet side, there's Cream-O Brownie Crunch Choco Chips, for the others who would love a nutty twist to their crispy brownie crunch experience is the Cream-O Brownie Crunch Peanut Thins.

These delectable treats come in re-sealable packages, great for chocolate cravings on the go.  Bite into Cream-O's Brownie Crunch now available at leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide for only P35.00 per pack.  A surefire way to keep a happy tummy anywhere you may be!

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