Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mr. Kimbob! - King of fast food bibimbap!


Mr. Kimbob Korean healthfood, serving you healthy and delicious bibimbap,
one hotplate at a time.


One afternoon, I chanced upon SM Megamall's fast food area at the lower level, I happen to notice this new fast food stall aptly named Mr. Kimbob.  So I moved closer and check out what they had to offer.  Their name sounded like Kimbap, which is like a sushi treat I remember fondly when I was in Korea.

The price range of the food offerings were really affordable, ranging from P69.00 to P119.00, this will definitely not hurt your wallet.  And I also took note of their bibimbap, which they call bibimbob, nice touch would you say.  Choices were Beef, Pork or Chicken and priced at only P99.00 for a regular and P119.00 for a large order. 


And so I ordered for me and wifey a large order of Bibimbob!  And what a packed plate indeed it is, I was surprised at how big the serving was, and it's just P119!  We ordered the beef one, and had in it lots of healthy and tasty vegetables, and a fried sunny side up.  One complete meal.  So how do you eat your bibimbob?  Just mix them all up and you're ready to go.  Enjoy it while it's hot!

If you love healthy food, then try out Mr. Kimbob's healthy treats!


Find them at almost all SM fastfood ares in the metro and I believe soon on all SM Supermalls nationwide.

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