Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eat Out Now!!!

Eat Out Now!!!

Presenting the ultimate guide to our most loved restaurants in Metro Manila.  This collection of the best restaurants in the metro is definitely a must-have, and for some (like me), this is like the best treasure map one could ever receive. 

With a distinguished line-up of food enthusiasts and food critics, who have made a name for themselves, well not necessarily by eating, but more of the discerning few who have almost tasted every restaurant in the metro.  

With the likes of Cyrene dela Rosa, Erwan Heusaff, Sanjeeb Gopaldas, Noel Ermitano, Joel Binamira and JJ Yulo, they have formulated the perfect recipe of eating out.

Ever wondered where to eat on a night out with friends?  Then turn to the next pages, you would be amazed at how thoughtfully it has been made.  Like say, would you want Japanese? Or Mediterranean?  Or would you like what is near your location?  

They even made our life easier by making selections for us such as Dim Sum, Carnivore section (for meat lovers), Date night suggestions, Good for Kids and even Vegetarian friendly.  Wow!  Thank you but you definitely made my dream come true.

Each of the restaurant featured, presents their best dishes and even provides some tips as to what would be the recommended dishes to order and how they fare when it comes to taste.  Also all their contact details such as addresses and contact nos., so you'll never miss a craving.

A national treasure it definitely is, Eat Out Now! features 115 Manila restaurants that you will definitely love to taste, enjoy and come back to.  Thank you to Ms. Alicia Sy for putting these all up together for us to enjoy.  Make this the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season, it may also be the perfect gift for you.  Priced at only P250, is definitely a steal.  Truly you're getting your money's worth.

Want to know more, come visit Eat Out Now, the blog.  Honestly, I am having a blast just browsing the pages over and I am now hungry!

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