Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sweet Cravings at Sweet Bella


What a name indeed, "Sweet Bella", it seems that it just came out of a fairy tale story, and guess what!  It really is a fairy tale come true.  From their humble beginnings back in 2006, Sweet Bella has grown to be one of the Philippines' best in whipping up specialty cakes and pastries, luscious chocolate collections and French Macarons to die for.


Sweet Bella is not just your ordinary cakes and pastries dessert bar, it has positioned itself not just in giving us delicious tasting dessert treats but also fabulous dishes that is totally Sweet Bella.


Appetizing treats appeared before us, as a plate of Fresh Oysters (P395) came about, with Marinara sauce on this side, two more plates of Oysters were served such is the Baked Oyster with Champagne Sauce (P395), and the Oyster Rockafeller (P395), of which my favorite is the baked oyster with Champagne sauce.  It had the right spice with a stint of cheese and is perfect with champagne sauce.

Gambas Ajillo (P270), is your favorite Spanish shrimp appetizer, also served with freshly made foccacia bread.  Other than enjoying the crisp and tasty shrimp, the sauce of the gambas made the perfect dip for the focaccia bread, spiced light with so much flavor.  Even after finishing up on the shrimps, I had second servings for the focaccia bread which made the dipping even better.



Sweet Bella also perfected their pasta with Capellini Pomodoro e Salsa Verde (P395), a creative mix, truffle, pesto and pomodoro sauces on top of angel hair pasta, flanked by delicious crisp fried eggplant slices, complements the unique taste this pasta dish has to offer.  It was more than good, it is definitely the pasta dish to have at Sweet Bella.


Shrimp Bisque Pasta (P395), blended with the finest shrimp bisque cream sauce, this pasta linguini creation has captured the hearts of many diners all over.


A specialty of the house, Wagyu Rib-eye Steak, sharing their inspiration in making the best steaks in the metro, Sweet Bella and Melo's Steakhouse join hands in giving us the juiciest and best tasting rib-eye steak you will ever have in your life.


Pair it up with a cup of Wagyu Steak rice!


Drool over their Chilean Seabass (P1,050), creamy sauce over asparagus vegetables and sauteed soft potatoes.  This is a seafood treat I would gladly order on my next trip to Sweet Bella.


After a night of sumptuously delicious creations, Sweet Bella offers a dessert line-up fit for a king, and let's start with their Hot Belgian Chocolate.  A cup is never enough, you will definitely be wanting more.


Sweet Bella has received so many awards for their chocolate dessert creations. Mi Camille (P295),  The Chocolata (P220) which is voted as one of the best desserts by The Philippine Daily Inquirer in 2007 and The Pearl (295), which is made with guava mousse, also voted as one of 2011's best treats.  Save me the chocolate butterfly, I love it!


And finally Sweet Bella's masterpiece, the Strawberry Charlotte, P1,700 for a 9" cake, made with only the freshest of strawberries, directly from Baguio, and made fresh everyday, you can be sure that you are only getting the best for your love ones.


A French Macaron bar that is Sweet Bella


Enjoy their many flavor choices such as Lemon, Strawberry, Rose, Dalted caramel, Chcolate, Passion fruit, White Choco and Coffee.  Take out a box of 8 at a price of P480.


Enjoy the many flavors that Sweet Bella has to offer, these delicious and tempting menu treats are now available at Sweet Bella Cafe in Greenbelt 5 Ground floor.

Sweet Bella Cafe
Greenbelt 5, Ground floor
Ayala mall, Makati
+ (632) - 6255954, + (632) - 6255986

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