Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Honolulu Cafe opens newest branch at Greenbelt 5

Honolulu Cafe, famous for their egg tarts, and other delectable Chinese Roasting treats opened their 3rd branch in the Philippines in the heart of Makati, at the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 5 in Ayala Mall Makati.

The store exudes a bright and pleasant dining atmosphere, which is very welcoming, apart from their excellent service, it definitely is a welcome addition to many food concepts that are opening in Greenbelt 5.

So what is it that makes Honolulu Cafe a favorite among diners here in Makati City, let me show you then...

Starting off with every Charsiu lover's dream come true, Honolulu Cafe's Roasted BBQ Pork Belly Toro, this is just simply beautiful, has the perfect fat to meat ratio, giving it the oozingly juicy and flavorful BBQ aroma and taste.

While we wait for our main dishes to arrive, we munch on these Curry Fish Balls, a favorite snack that we enjoy a lot whenever we visit Honolulu Cafe.  Soft, chewy and spiced just right, one can never get enough of these curry fish balls.  Now, just one more curry fish ball please...

One of the main stays here in Honolulu Cafe is their Soy Chicken.  These are perfect with rice, trust me.. sorry calories, the flavorful chicken, poured over with their special oil and soy sauce, dip it in their ginger sauce makes every bite of the soft chicken meat just perfect!

Here comes the Yang Chow Fried Rice, with bits of charsiu, shrimp, scrambled eggs and leeks, get a bowl and a pair of chopsticks for an authentic Chinese dining experience.

Let's dig in on their Deep Fried Prawns with Thousand Island Sauce, sweet tangy flavors make this crisp prawns a favorite among diners

Love love love this Beef Brisket with Hong Kong Curry in Casserole, not your usual beef brisket when you visit other Chinese restos, which makes this HK Classic Dish all the more desirable.

Deep Fried Spareribs with Salt and Pepper, dip it in white vinegar, balances the flavor and definitely a match for the Pinoy palette

And we also got wifey's favorite Baked Rice with Minced Beef Bolognaise, reminiscing her visits to Hong Kong, where she always orders this whenever we visit Honolulu Cafe in Hong Kong

Last but not the least is of course Honolulu Cafe's Egg Tart, flaky, creamy goodness, not too sweet yet and just hits the spot.  Carry home a box of these goodies, whenever you get a chance, as they run out really fast

Check out their menu and get to enjoy the variety of dishes you will definitely love and I guarantee will be back for more.

Check our their branches at SM Aura Premier, Robinsons Place Manila and their newest branch here at Greenbelt 5.

Honolulu Cafe is reaching out to more locations for you to enjoy their delectable treats, so watch out soon for more store openings this 2023.

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