Friday, April 8, 2022

You Won’t Miss Meat at Tatatito This Lenten Season

If you want to enjoy good food while commemorating Lent, here are Tatatito’s mouth-watering recommendations.

Have you been to the newest Filipino food joint in Makati City? Tatatito Filipino Home Kitchen recently opened their doors to hungry diners just a week before Alert Level 1 was announced in Metro Manila and just in time for the start of Lent (March 2 to April 14, 2022).

Now that lent is upon us, a lot of people observing this Christian tradition are abstaining from meat every Friday until Holy Week. While some may find giving up meat as a form of sacrifice, the newest restaurant venture from the Mc Wilson Food Group makes this choice a lot easier with their selection of meat-free dishes.

If you’re spending this season in quiet reverence and introspection but still want to gather with loved ones over good food, here are just some of the Lent-friendly options available at Tatatito. The best part? These dishes are available all year long.

Meat-free Appetizers

With a lot of people returning to the office and more people choosing to gather in restaurants, Tatatito’s meat-free appetizers are perfect for post-work merienda, light snacks for meetings, or even accompaniments to Tatatito’s excellent selection of coffee and drinks while catching up with friends. Try the crispy Shrimp Okoy and the Squash Croquettas.

Mr. Reagan Tan, President of the Mc Wilson Food Group, recommends washing it all down with a glass of refreshing Tatatito Iced Tea.

Meatless Mains

Aside from Filipino food’s bold and incredible flavors, family is one of Mr. Reagan Tan’s inspirations in starting Tatatito. His family wanted to “give our guests a home where they can enjoy Filipino food” as well as become “a restaurant [they will be] proud of bringing our balikbayan and foreign friends” to.

Adobong Baby Pusit

When sharing meals this Lenten season with loved ones, we recommend Tatatito’s hearty soups just as much as the seafood and vegetable dishes.

Sweet n' Sour Camaron

Take a sip of Sinigang sa Miso Salmon or Lemongrass Clam Soup; share a bite or two of Deep Fried Lapu Lapu with Pomelo, Adobong Baby Pusit, Sweet n' Sour Camaron, Bistek Bangus, or Mr. Reagan Tan’s personal favorite, Tuna Belly Inasal; and indulge in healthier alternatives like Adobong Kangkong, Ginisang Ampalaya and Mushrooms, and Salted Egg Sitaw.

Adobong Kangkong

Bistek Bangus

Lemongrass Clam Soup

Must-Try Signature Dishes

One of the most popular dishes in Tatatito’s menu is the signature Bamboo Rice, which features flavored rice cooked inside bamboo for that unique fresh flavor. It comes in three variants, but its Squash & Crab variants are completely free of red meat. Whether you’re a first time diner or a loyal fan of this new establishment, Tatatito’s Bamboo Rice surely deserved a spot on the table.

The past two years during this pandemic, a lot of people clung to their faith more than ever. And now that we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is still our faith that keeps us together. But whether you’re observing Lent or not, there’s always something to enjoy at Tatatito.

Tatatito Filipino Home Kitchen is located at the ground floor of OPL Building, 100 Don Carlos Palanca Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Open daily (Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 10pm; Friday 8:30am to 11pm; Sat to Sun 8am to 9pm). For online orders, call 0991-300-5000 or order through GrabFood and FoodPanda (available in select locations).

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