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Wu Xing in Clark Marriott Hotel - the new envy of Metro Manila

Clark Marriott Hotel recently opened the first Wu Xing Chinese Restaurant in the Philippines.  Bringing the best and finest Chinese cuisines to Clark, Pampanga.  Wu Xing boasts of their signature Peking Duck, made in the traditional Beijing style of cooking, using a wood fire oven to bring out the flavors and aroma on an imperial-era traditional style Peking Duck.

Apart from their Peking Duck, Wu Xing brought together the best dishes of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Sichuan and Guangzhou, to give us a taste of the many flavors and diverse culinary culture of China.

Now let's take you around this culinary treat that Wu Xing has prepared for us.

For appetizers, we started off with some dimsum, I was so excited to hear they were serving dimsum, as I am sucker for almost anything dimsum, as they are my ultimate comfort food. 

Low and behold! A Giant Xiaolongbao!!!

I love Xiaolongbao! And what's better than Xiaolongbao?  A Giant Xialongbao!  Haha.  It was served to us steaming hot on your very own XLB basket.  

They give you a straw to suck in the XLB soup juices and it was heavenly... then biting my way down to the flavorful meat was a journey that I would not want to end.

More dimsum, now up is Siu Maai (Siomai)

No Chinese Dimsum is complete without siomai, and this shrimp and pork siomai is one of the best I have ever had, it's plump and so tender in every bite, perhaps the best siomai north of the Metro.

A little sweet dimsum pastry here with Char Siu Sou, every bite is crunchy flaky with char siu fillings, grab them while it's served hot.

Next up, we had Crispy Soft Tofu, to dip with Hoisin Sauce, the soft tofu is like biting into little cloud bits!  Deep fried crisp goodness with every munch.

Next up are our roastings, we had the Honey Glazed Barbecue Pork and Roasted Pork Belly.

Both these roasting dishes are a staple in Chinese restaurants.  The Roasted Pork Belly, is crisp on the skin with the right ratio of fat to meat, making it one of the best sellers in Wu Xing. 

We all loved the Honey Glazed Barbecue Pork, roasted to perfection, the charred ends makes the char siu even more enticing to see and enjoy.

Further down the culinary journey, we were served Hot and Sour seafood soup with Hakaw.  The soup is full of appetizing flavors, with a hint of sour and spice, then mixed with the richness of the flavors of the sea. Normally they would just serve the Hot and Sour Soup as it is, so do ask the servers if they have this on the line-up for the day.

Now we come to the highlight of our feast, Wu Xing's wood-fire roasted Peking Duck.

For our Peking Duck feast, this will be served 2-ways... we were so lucky as we had Wu Xing's Chinese Chef Raymond Yeung do the honors of serving this for us.

So this is how the 1st-way goes...the crisp, perfectly roasted skin together with the luscious fat and juicy meat is peeled off in generous slices, then put in Chinese pancake wrapper together with cucumber, spring onions and hoisin sauce.

For the 2nd-way, they serve it as Minced Duck, wrapped in Romaine Lettuce.

There are other ways of having the 2nd-way, such as Deep-fried Duck in Salt and Pepper or in Fried Rice, Duck Meat and Salted Olive for a minimal add-on fee.

As if the feast was not already so filling, the chef brought his Master Chef's Selection, with Deep Fried Enoki Mushroom, and Deep Fried Tiger Prawn with Shrimp Mousse.

These Deep Fried Enoki Mushroom, are just so addicting, I literally had to stop myself from getting more, else other friends of mine would not have tasted it at all. 

These Deep Fried Tiger Prawn with Shrimp Mousse may seem ordinary to the eye, but these dish made from heaven are a blessing to us.. just let your taste buds speak for itself, when the burst of flavors soak into your palate, don't just imagine the joy it brings to you, give it a try and taste heaven for yourself.

More to come, and to satisfy our meat cravings, comes their Braised Beef Cheek, with Tofu in Five Spices.  Beef so tender and soft, even children with delicate teeth can bite into it, and the aroma of the beef is spellbinding.

To satisfy every hunger, we had the Fried Red Brown Rice with Egg White, Barley, Pickled Radish, Raisin and Cashew Nut, plus another Fried Rice with Sakura Shrimp, Pork Belly, Salted Olive with Soya Sauce.

Now comes dessert, we were served with the Signature Dessert Combination, with Macau-Style Baked Egg Tart, Steamed Piggy Bun and Milky Egg Cream, Mango Cream Sago and Pomelo.

And that was indeed a feast fit for an emperor!  And yes I envy the people of Angeles City for having this gem of a restaurant in their locale.

And that's another good reason for me and you to trek up North, and enjoy the delicious authentic Chinese flavors of Wu Xing.

Wu Xing Chinese Restaurant is located in Clark Marriott Hotel at the Hann Resorts Complex, in Clark Pampanga.

Wu Xing by Clark Marriott is open for lunch from 11:30am to 2:30pm and dinner from 5:30pm to 10:30pm.  You may contact them at +63-45-5985000.  Please do call and reserve a few days ahead to confirm your reservation, and if you plan to order the Peking Duck, order ahead or at least 1 hour before your planned meal as it is made-to-order.

Follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WuXingbyClarkMarriott to be updated on their new offers and promos.  If you have Marriott Bonvoy, use it here for a good discount.

See you all at Wu Xing, as I know I will be coming back here for more.

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