Monday, April 25, 2022

New must-try Coolblog dessert beverage brand has arrived in the Philippines

Here’s the newest, most refreshing and truly colorful way to beat the heat:  Coolblog, a rising star in Asia’s exciting dessert-beverage and ice blended category is now in the Philippines to quench your thirst and help keep your cool this summer! Get refreshed with your all-time favorite drinks -- from coffee, tea, and chocolate, to a wide range of fruity iced-blended drinks and desserts!

With roots from Malaysia where it already has more than 300 outlets, Coolblog continues to expand its footprint across Asia offering customers quality yet affordable beverages, and convenient takeaway kiosk services.

Coolblog is now in the Philippines to serve Filipino customers with a wide range of exciting new flavors, and sought-after beverages and ice-blended dessert favorites at affordable prices.

The Three Bears Group Holding Corporation (TBG), the company behind Coolblog, wanted to make sure that in expanding market to the Philippines, Filipinos, especially those in the growing under-served areas near Metro Manila, will get to enjoy the CoolBlog experience which is all about refreshing, ice-blended beverages with unique flavors that suit their taste. This would prove to be very likely as the Three Bears Group is a company that aims to be a major presence in food retail in the Philippines by offering world-class food concepts, and exceptional retail services. Established in March 2020, TBG continues to grow its portfolio of brands in the Philippines, which includes Dominos Pizza, the world’s number 1 pizza brand, and more recently, Coolblog.

And since Filipinos are big fans of sweets, especially ice-blended drinks and refreshing fruity flavors, TBG is confident that Filipinos will love Coolblog which gives customers the freedom to mix their favourite fruit flavors in one beverage or dessert! 

So, whether you’re up for some Chocolate smoothie, Cappuccino Oreo smoothie, Latte smoothie, or if you want to indulge in premium Brown Sugar milktea, or fruity tea flavors, Coolblog has the drink that is sure to match your vibe!

For a unique summer thirst-quencher,  check out Coolblog’s   signature Unicool smoothie series which features scrumptious layers of strawberry, ube or bubblegum smoothie topped with raibow jelly and boba pearls.  Coolblog’s signature smoothies come in 3 flavors namely Unicool Magic, Unicool Dazzle and Unicool Twinkle, with pearl and rainbow jelly toppings!

Coolblog also offers more sweet and delightful toppings to match with your drink: black pearl, oreo, chocolate chip, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, mango jelly, lychee jelly, rainbow jelly, brown sugar syrup, and cheese mousse!

You can also create your own blend and mix different flavors of your choice, just the way you like them! Upgrade your fruitti ice-blended or smoothie drinks and choose from 8 delectable flavors: bubble gum, green apple, honeydew, lychee, mango, passion fruit, rose, strawberry, vanilla, and classic ube and lemon!

Coolblog’s menu also includes favorites such as milk teas and ice blended coffee and chocolate beverages all at Pinoy-friendly prices. 

Coolblog is now available at Montalban Town Center- Rodriguez Rizal, Sola Grande Center- Molino Bacoor Cavite, Sampol Sapangpalay, San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, and Tutuban Center in Manila, with more branches to open soon!

Create your cool this coming summer! For more information, visit Facebook and Instagram accounts at @coolblogph.

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