Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Baker John’s new loaf introduces the yummy combo of chocolate & cinnamon

Enjoy a flavorful bread experience with the new Baker John Chocolate Cinnamon Loaf

Can’t get enough of cinnamon? Can’t blame you – this versatile spice brings out the best in other flavors, especially chocolate. This delicious combination is now available in Baker John’s new Chocolate Cinnamon Loaf, providing double the yumminess in every bite. 

If you’re a bread lover, or simply looking for a loaf that can go well with your morning coffee or juice, you’ll surely enjoy Baker John Chocolate Cinnamon Loaf. It’s good as it is, but you can also try to mix it up to elevate your snacking experience.

Why not try turning it into French Toast for a romantic mid-day snack? All you need is some French music in the background and a cup of hot cocoa to complete the sweet vibe of being out of town – while at home.

After a long day’s work, you can grab a snack that’s simple yet satisfying. Take it up a notch and add chocolate spread and a sprinkle of chocolate chips on your Baker John Chocolate Cinnamon Loaf. Now it’s not just a snack, but a dessert you’ll end up craving for days on end.

Lovin' the combo of chocolate and cinnamon swirls!

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the Baker John Chocolate Cinnamon Loaf, but what’s great about this loaf bread is that it’s already flavorful and delicious on its own. Whether you’re a cinnamon lover, a chocoholic, or just a plain fan of loaf bread, the yummy combo of chocolate and cinnamon will surely get you hooked.

Grab Baker John’s new Chocolate Cinnamon Loaf in select supermarkets. Learn more about Baker John’s deliciously fulfilling breads by following @BakerJohnPh on Facebook and Instagram today.

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