Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Bringing the family closer with love and good food!

Our family specialties delivered to your homes

It has been almost a year since the pandemic, and so much has changed in how we have lived our everyday lives.  But even with the many changes and challenges life may bring, our love for food remains the same.  

With the past year and so many food trends from sushi bakes to ube cheese pandesal to food trays and the like, Pinoy's love for food has definitely grown mature, but even with these new food trends, we still go back to where our taste buds take us, something familiar and something so good.  That's where Mekeni has made its mark.

True to their roots, Mekeni has been making our Filipino classic favorites from Tocino, Longanisa, Beef Tapa and also their regular mainstays such as Hotdogs, Bacon and more.  Their recipe is perfect for the Filipino palette and is loved all over the country.

I always look forward to happy days where my wife spoils us with our favorite Mekeni Belly Bacon on our breakfast plate, then serving up mom's favorite Mekeni Classic Tocino for lunch, to my son's favorite Mekeni Classic and Cheese Hotdogs for merienda, it never fails to put a smile on Skyler's face. Then to cap it all off, Beef Tapa and Chicken Longanisa for dinner, now that's one Mekeni feast!

I am just so glad, that even with this pandemic limiting our movements to do our daily tasks, Mekeni never failed to keep their promise of making available and providing home-style goodness that's made for the Filipino palate and for the whole family to enjoy.  

We love eating together as a family and we love the many food varieties that Mekeni has in their offerings to keep the family nourished and loved.  

Find your Mekeni favorites in your trusted supermarkets and grocery stores everywhere, then bring home the goodness of Mekeni to enjoy with the whole family.

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