Friday, February 12, 2021

Hendrick's Gin Celebrates Love and Romance with The Perfect Pair This Valentine's Day

Every 14th of February marks the day when romance blooms in full glory everywhere we look. While the past year saw most of us spending more time than we would like apart, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to spend some much-needed time with your beloved. Whether you’re coupled up or all about that self-love this Valentine’s Day - Hendrick’s has something for you!

A Candlelight Dinner with Hendrick’s Gin

Staying-in this Valentine’s Day? Hendrick’s has got you covered with a flirty pairing of candles and cocktails for an unusual candlelight dinner at home.  Simply purchase a 700ml bottle of Hendrick’s Gin from 8th February 2021 onwards at participating outlets**, to receive a handcrafted cucumber and rose candle in an intricate Hendrick’s teacup. Setting the mood has never been this easy, mix up some liquid love with two rose-themed Hendrick’s Gin libations - Kissed by a Rose and Rose Tinted Glasses*, cook or order in some takeout and bask in the glorious scent of cucumber and rose -  perfect for your romantic night in!

An Oddly Romantic “Cu-lossal” Gift Won With Humour

For those with a flair for humour and the gift of wit who prefer an unusual and oddly romantic way to showcase their love, Hendrick’s presents the biggest, proudest and most peculiar ‘Cu-lossal”. Because money can’t buy love, the “Cu-lossal” can only be won by humour.  Put on your Mad Hatter hat and complete a poem on the Hendrick’s Gin Facebook page to win the one-of-a-kind bouquet crate complete with 50 of the finest cucumbers, blooming roses and a bottle of gin made oddly delivered to your loved one on 14 February 2021. 

Hendrick’s, much like love, is the combination of two unique ingredients - rose and cucumber - that are curiously delightful apart but unusually delectable together. The unique taste of Hendrick’s simply would not be if not for the infusion of this peculiar and perfectly whimsical pairing.

Charmaine Thio, Southeast Asia Brand Ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin, muses “The infusion of rose and cucumber in Hendrick’s Gin makes for a concoction that is undeniably peculiar and utterly delicious. With the season of love upon us, what better to celebrate love and delightful pairings than with delicious tipples and gifts that are everlasting? This Valentine’s Day, we hope gin lovers will indulge in the many ways we are helping them celebrate differently this year.”

For more information on the world’s most unusual gin and its iconic rose and cucumber pairing, visit

*whilst stocks last 

List of all participating outlets:

Physical stores

Bonifacio Global City












New Manila




E-commerce stores

S&R E-commerce




Hendrick’s Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes


Like being kissed by a rose, this refreshing cocktail will leave you blushed and primed for love!


    1 part (45ml) Hendrick’s Gin

    20ml Jasmine tea syrup (Steep 40g Jasmine tea leaves in 1L of boiling water, strain and add white sugar to taste. Mix until incorporated)

    15ml Lemon juice

    3 dashes of Rosewater

    8 pcs of Fresh mint sprigs

    3 slices of Fresh cucumber


  Combine all ingredients into a shaker. Add ice, shake and strain and pour into a coupe glass

    Garnish with cucumber slices and mint sprigs


To see the world through rose-tinted glasses, take a swig of this enchantingly pink cocktail that is sure to leave you wanting more!


       1 part (45ml) Hendrick’s Gin

       30ml Grapefruit juice

       15ml Rose syrup

       10ml Lemon juice

       45 ml Soda water/sparkling rose wine

       3 slices of Fresh cucumber

       1 grapefruit peel


     Combine all ingredients in a highball glass. Add ice and stir until combined

     Garnish with cucumber slices and grapefruit peel

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