Monday, September 14, 2020

6 hacks to make your Solane LPG last longer


When using LPG cooking gas, remember that blue flame is good, while red, yellow, or orange means that the LPG gas isn’t being used to its full potential

One of the most used equipment at home during the pandemic and community quarantine is the gas stove. However, it is important to conserve cooking gas and use it efficiently.

To help you use cooking gas efficiently, Solane, the country’s leading LPG solutions provider, suggests these effective and smart tips you can try at home:

Cook efficiently. Make sure all the ingredients you need are measured, chopped, peeled and within easy reach once you start cooking. This way, you don’t waste any cooking gas while you prepare your food.  

Avoid cooking without a lid. Open vessel cooking or cooking without the lid increases cooking time and uses more LPG. On the other hand, when you use the lid, you trap the heat, build steam, thus, reducing LPG usage. Using the lid also locks in the moisture of the dish.

Reduce the flame once boiling starts. Once the pan is heated and the food is boiling, reduce the flame to conserve energy. Lowering the temperature will also lessen the chance of scorching the food and having it stick to bottom of the pan, which can be difficult to clean.

Use a pressure cooker. Pressurized steam speeds up cooking, which saves time and consumes less LPG, especially compared to open-lid cooking. Utilizing a pressure cooker also keeps the nutrients of food intact – a great way to stay healthy amid the pandemic.

Check your cylinder upon order. Be sure to check the LPG cylinders well upon purchase or delivery. At Solane, the well-trained riders perform the 7-point safety check — an exclusive service provided for Solane home delivery customers nationwide. The service includes weight-checking and proper installation of regulator and valve connection.   

Clean your burner regularly. To check if your burner is clean, observe the color of the flames. Blue flame is good, while red, yellow, or orange means that the LPG gas isn’t being used to its full potential. Clean your burner at least once a month with lukewarm water, baking soda and a scrub brush.

Be smart about your LPG usage by following these tips suggested by Solane. To know more, visit and Facebook

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