Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Sushi Bake by Salmon HQ - Perfect Wherever! Whenever!

Salmon HQ Sushi Bakes will rock your world!

Sushi Bake, the food trend that took the quarantine times by storm, is definitely here to stay!   And they just keep getting better and better.  I have enjoyed quite a number of sushi bakes available in the market, but Salmon HQ's sushi bakes is totally on a different level.

From the premium ingredients, to how they prepare their sushi bakes, you will know the dedication and care they put in making their sushi bakes perfect!

First up we were able to try their Crunchy California Bake, just look at how colorful and appetizing it looks.  

Just look at that beauty!!!  

I just love the ratio of the kani sticks, mango, the Japanese rice, it's unbelievable!  So full and so packed!  You would know from the looks of it, that Salmon HQ definitely did not scrimp on their ingredients, just to provide us that awesome sushi bake experience.  Top them up with the crisp breading that made the experience all the more delectable!

So for first timers, how do you enjoy Salmon HQ's sushi bake, put it in a warm oven for 5-8 mins. or you can also use a oven toaster and warm up a portion for 5-8 minutes as well.  Take it out of the oven and enjoy it warm! Take a hefty slice then put them a sheet of nori, then much away!

Enjoy the sweet, and flavorful taste with a hint of spice, yes spice that keeps you munching bite after bite, and sooner that you think, the nori will be out, and there is still a lot more to go, so better order more nori.

Salmon HQ's Crunchy California Bake is available in small (P500) and large (P1,200) sizes, the small one is good for 2 - 3, while the big one is good for 4 - 6, it comes with 2 packs of nori.

And since we are really hungry, we had another one!!!  Next up is the Aburi Salmon Scallop Ebi!  Available in small (P700) and large (P1600)

Talk about premium ingredients, just look at how fresh they are!  A combination of salty, sweet, spicy and umami, all in one sushi bake!  A savory blend of seafood flavors!  

If you like it sweet, then go for the Crunchy California Bake, if you like it savory, then go for their Aburi Salmon Scallop Ebi.

You can never go wrong with Salmon HQ's Sushi Bake, it there is only one Sushi Bake you will be having for your celebrations, then go for Salmon HQ's sushi bake, you won't be disappointed.

Another flavor you can try is their Uni & Scallops Aburi, which goes for P800 for the small size and P1,800 for their large size.

They also have other offerings you can try, such as their fresh Salmon Sashimi, Sushi and of course their Sushi Bake.

To order you may call them at 0922-894-3679 or email them on or message them on their FB page:

#SalmonHQ #SushiBake

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