Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Plaza Pop-Up at Rustan's the 5th

The Plaza Catering, four generations and going of fabulous recipes and great food!  And they have a pop-up store!!!

The Cinderella story of a great beginning to one of the most iconic restaurants in the Philippines, the first generation Matriarch, Engracia Cruz Reyes, fondly know as Aling Asiang, founded the Aristocrat Restaurant in 1935, with a vision that inspired succeeding family generations.

Onward to their son Jose Cruz Reyes, together with wife Imelda Albano, they established The Plaza in 1965, and with Lola Meldy Reyes, crafted the now much loved The Plaza Premium Baked Ham, together with The Plaza's Swedish Master Chef Gosta Pettersson.
Continuing the tradition, grand daughter Millie Reyes with daughter Karla Reyes brings The Plaza Premium Ham to a whole new level from providing the best your to homes with their catering services, and now for a limited time engagement only, gives you the chance to enjoy their famous and delectable specialties with a pop-up store at Rustan's the 5th, Makati.

Situated at the 5th floor of Rustan's Makati, order and enjoy whatever you fancy.  From their famous The Plaza Premium Ham, to their Boiled Corned Beef and so much more, I guarantee you will be crying for more.

Starting off with their Krispy Kangkong, fried crisp and dipped in their own crafted sauce, and wow is just the word to describe, they have made this dish before everyone else in the metro, so let me tell you the first and original will always be the best.

Next up is Chicken Ala Kiev served with rice, this lightly seared chicken releno served with gravy and buttered vegetables just hits the spot, sliced through it and you the juices ooze out, heck this calls for a rice refill. 

Now we go to their Boiled Corned Beef, believe me when I say never ever miss this one!  You will be missing half your life, if you don't order this.  The Plaza's Signature dish of Angus beef, cured and boiled to perfection, with steamed rice and Horsey Radish Cream is just heavenly. Words can't explain just how good it is, you just have to try it to know why so many customers have fallen in love with it.

Now we go to the main entree, The Plaza Premium Ham, sliced upon order, is what makes The Plaza so enticingly good.  Paid with hot pandesal and their sweet ham sauce or any of their new sauces such as wasabi mayo, trust me you have never had ham this way, and only The Plaza Ham can bring this ultimate dining experience to you.

Oh and don't forget their Angus Pastami, the sight of it just take my breath away, wait til you taste it... let me know how you find it.

Also try our their Lasagne Al Forno, The Plaza Burger, and Truffle Pasta in Parmesan Wheel, which will definitely fill you up!

So catch The Plaza at Rustan's 5th in Makati, the pop-up store will run until July 2019, but pray that they get extended so that we can all get the specialties of The Plaza, anytime we want.

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