Sunday, June 9, 2019

For carrying us through life, dads are heroes in McDonald’s tribute

Fathers play many roles in our lives - coach, escort, mentor, playmate, partner-in-crime - but amongst all the parts they portray, being dad is the hardest, yet most fulfilling.

This Father’s Day, McDonald’s tribute may just be every child’s love song to dad. 

In another heart-warming film that mostly features real father and child tandems, McDonald’s takes us back to nostalgic moments of how our dads have carried us throughout different situations in life. Whether it is asking to be carried once our tired feet can no longer tread on or sitting on his shoulders for a simple stroll in the park, we know that we can always count on our dads to lift us up and carry on – and for that, we owe them our unrelenting gratitude.

The film uses Rico Blanco's song "Your Universe", giving its beautiful lyrics, "How happy you make me feel when I am inside your universe..." new meaning when its sung from the point of view of a child being carried.

“Fathers are not always expressive but we recognize that all dads have one common thread in showing their love – carrying one’s child or pagkakarga. This Father’s Day, we thank them for all the times they have carried their children, for lending their arms or their shoulders, even if they themselves may be tired,” shares Christina Lao, Marketing Director for McDonald’s Philippines. “They may be silent in their ways, but their uplifting strength is something we are lucky to have every day.”

If you haven’t watched this 90-second film, head on over to McDonald’s YouTube page or see the video here: 


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