Friday, December 21, 2018

Tiger Sugar Philippines opens today!!!

Tiger Sugar, from Taiwan to Manila!

Boba Tea (Bubble Tea) lovers rejoice, as Taiwan's famed Tiger Sugar finally opens their doors today in Bonifacio Global City!!!

With only just a few years since their inception, Tiger Sugar has made it to the shores of Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, and now finding their way to the Philippines!

Tiger Sugar is known for offering bubble tea flavors made with brown sugar, yes brown sugar, though I was not able to try Tiger Sugar in Taiwan or their other branches in Asia, I really got curious how and why the brand has had a great following in Taiwan, with lines stretching for 3 hours in other countries when they opened.

So I was one of the lucky few to have a preview of what the fuss is all about..... and for once the hype is true!!!

The creaminess of the milk tea, the soft tapioca balls, a mix of big and small ones (yes), the flavorful blend of brown sugar, all infused into one fabulous and delectable creation!  Wow! 

At first sip, it may all taste familiar, but as you take a sip after every sip, the flavor and texture brings out a unique experience that only Tiger Sugar brings.

This is for a fact that Tiger Sugar, through their previous endeavors with food, had perfected and mastered the art of having brown sugar in their drinks, which the company aims for perfection.

Now don't believe me when I say, it really made my taste buds excited as I had my first sip, then sip some more, until I find myself finishing my Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl with Cream Mousse in no time at all, and yes I wanted another one!

Tiger Sugar made it simpler for all of us, just one size with no need to adjust the sugar level, and with prices of drinks ranging from P80 or the tea series to a max on only P120 for the boba drinks, expect long lines from opening to closing time!

So while waiting in line, you may browse through their menu posted here and be ready to be blown away.

As of this post, lines may have already been forming as they will open today 11am at Bonifacio High Street, very near Fully Booked!  Be the very first ones to try Tiger Sugar in the Philippines and make yourself a believer!  And remember before your take a sip, take a nice picture and shake for around 15 times... enjoy your Tiger Sugar Boba Tea!

Tiger Sugar! Now Open to serve you!

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