Thursday, September 28, 2017

Breaking News: McSpicy is back!!!!!

Breaking News: McSpicy is back!!!

After surprising us with the return of the comeback of the Twister Fries... McDonald's pulls out another surprise!  The McSpicy is back starting today September 28th for a limited run.

Remember the first time.... when you saw the commercial of Jessy Mendiola wearing that red dress biting on that McSpicy, and you just felt the need to get your hands immediately on that McSpicy, well it's time to get your hands dirty once more and grab a bite of the McSpicy while it's available.

The McSpicy is available at P135 for the small value meal.  Go ahead and indulge!  Let's get that McSpicy, it's about time!  Available for a limited time only.
*Pictures used here were from my previous blog posts.
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