Sunday, September 3, 2017

Our favorites at Ultimate Taste Test 2017 - Pro Edition!

The Ultimate Taste Test is a brainchild of Mr. Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, it brings in top food entrepreneurs from all over the country, who have got the right recipe to share to foodies everywhere, and with the help of this avenue to get the word out to the people!

The Ultimate Taste Test through the years has seen countless start-ups that made it big after joining and establishing their name with the help of the Ultimate Taste Test.

This year is the same yet different, with the Ultimate Taste Test 2017 Pro Edition, this year the winner of the Ultimate Taste Test 2017 will bring home with them not just bragging rights but a financial package to develop their products and their brand more and be the next big thing!  So who will be the winner... we will find out soon!  Today is the last day of The Ultimate Taste Test 2017 in Glorietta, so go on and have a great gastronomical experience!

Our favorites this year are the following... 

Charlie's Pritchon!

The original Pritchon in the Philippines, Charlie's Pritchon is making a comeback and it looks like we got a contender here! From the crisp skin to the juicy lechon meat, wrapped in breads, this I know will definitely one of the most sought after exhibitors in this year's UTT 2017

The Turmeric wrap was another surprise, try it and bring out that flavor!

Auntie May's Adobo sa Gata

This is one dish I would definitely want more.. flavorful, from the sweet to the salty, a fantastic mix of Filipino favorites rolled into one, with gata and adobo flavors, this is much more than ulam, you can even have this for pulutan.  They have a lot on offer as well such as their callos and beef salpicao which are all so good as well.

Blended Fresh Juices

These Blended Juices are so refreshing, a bottle of it won't be enough!  Made with only fresh juices then bottled and sealed promises to give in to the ultimate thirst.  Healthy is the way to go.

Don Bao's Kani Nachos and Crazy Bao!

These guys won 3rd place last year at UTT and they definitely have got something going.. 

Jam Foods and Co.'s Bacon Tocino!

I haven't felt this excited since Jam Foods introduced with beef tapa years ago... this year the Bacon Tocino is born.. never thought anything better could come to Bacon, but here we are, so trust me when I say you have to get this!!!

Bakmi Nyonya's Beef Rendang Jawa 
and Sate Ayam

 Sate Ayam

Beef Rendang

Ohhh the Beef Rendang is so good, so tender, you can slice through the meat with just a swift of your fork and the flavor is just perfect!  Spiced just right to give you enticing taste, to have more.

Well that sums up my favorites for this year.. but honestly I wasn't able to taste everything on the event as I was already stuffed!!!  But do check out as well Oink Oink Lechon Bagnet, Juan Cholo and Sabaw Dumplings. 

And after your meals, do get yourself any of the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews, in Super Dry, Premium and Cerveza Negra.

Congratulations Our Awesome Planet, Mr. Anton Diaz and Ultimate Taste Test for coming up with such a great selection of food entrepreneurs this year... see you again next year!

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