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The Fountain of Youth revealed at Bijin Nabe

Bijin Nabe

Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo: an experience to remember and revel in Japanese Cuisine and Culture

The love of Filipinos for Japanese cuisine has grown really fast in the past few years, and our thirst for more inspiring and diverse choices have made local entrepreneurs more inventive as well, making better quality and authenticity the new games of the game.

Of which, a popular Japanese restaurant has arrived in the Philippines, giving Filipinos a new experience never seen beyond Japan and Singapore.

A first of its kind in Manila, Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo is a unique Japanese farm-to-table kind of concept restaurant that is popular in the region for its signature Beauty Collagen Hot Pot, also known as Bijin Nabe.

Starting off slow with some light appetizers to tickle your taste buds before our flavorful main course

Bijin Nabe

Romain Lettuce Cesar Salad with shio-konbu (P240), only the freshest lettuce you can get anywhere, brought into a plate of surreal goodness

Bijin Nabe

Nikumaki, in four mouth-watering variants in Original (P105), Cheese(P115), Yuzu-mayo(P115) and Spicy(P115), these premium pork rolls are just now for show, they mean business!  One piece packs a lot and I mean fulfilling!
Bijin Nabe

Chicken Nanban, available in original flavor (P295) or spicy hot (P315),  a traditional chicken dish in Mizayaki with their homemade tartar sauce.

And now for our main course, Bijin Nabe! A first of its kind in Manila, the fountain of youth, their signature Beauty Collagen Hot Pot!
Bijin Nabe

Bijin Nabe's Philippine branch uses the Golden Collagen Stock - a rich, exquisite broth that is specially concocted for the famous Beauty Collagen Hot Pot.  To ensure quality, the broth is imported directly from the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan, which is home to the Jidori Chicken.

Considered as the "kobe beef of chicken", Jidori is a special breed of chicken that's meatier and more sinewy, making them tastier and richer in collagen.  They are grown in the only privately owned free range farm in Japan, under constant care and with a closely watched diet.  To product the famous broth, they undergo a delicate, 18-hour stewing process until the essence of the bones and meat are completely dissolved into the stock.

Bijin Nabe

The result, A delicately milky chicken broth that makes a delicious and enjoyable dish when combined with the freshest vegetables, seafood, and chicken.  To add unique dimensions to the flavor the soup, Bijin Nabe is best paired with a selection of four condiments: the light soy sauce that is Shoyu, the flavourful Leek Oil, the zesty spice of Yuzukosho, and the aromatic chili layu sauce.

Bijin Nabe

The Golden Collagen Stock - this is what 
Bijin Nabe is famous for - Japanese Beauty Hot Pot

Bijin Nabe

Each portion is P750 with a minimum of 2 portions per table!  Each portion comes complete with Prawns, Lettuce, Red Radish, Sunflower sprout, Chicken, Enoki Mushrooms, Baby Sweet Potato Leaves, Baby Corn, Lady's finger, Deep fried Tofu, Zucchini, Fresh Black Fungus, Tori Tsukune

As with other hotpots in the city, you can order additional add-ons as your heart wishes.

Also try the other dishes as their menu packs a lot of different dishes and flavors that will suit every palate. 

Eat more and you'd see and feel the benefits of their golden collagen, giving you that smooth and light glow to your skin

Bijin Nabe

For Dessert, enjoy perfect endings with their Fried Japanese Sweet Potato strings and Vanilla Ice Cream on the side, sweet balance of flavors with every bite.

Visit Bijin Nabe and discover beauty on a whole new level with their great food selections.  Bijin Nabe is located on the 2nd Floor of S Maison in Mall of Asia grounds.  To know more about the Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo, visit the official website:

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