Thursday, December 15, 2016

An exciting and new food-centric road trip with Andrew Zimmern

The phrase “locals know best” is true when it comes to travelling abroad. Be it in the city or outskirts of a town, you can always trust a local cab driver to recommend you their local best eats and sightseeing destinations, and that is how Andrew Zimmern is going to travel in his new series of Andrew Zimmern’s Driven By Food

Forgoing all the pre-trip research and read-ups, Andrew will go on spontaneous road trips across the globe as he hunts for authentic local favourites, all recommended by experienced cabbies! In Andrew Zimmern’s Driven By Food, Andrew will entrust his itinerary to cabbies who will bring him on a unique journey to uncover the city’s must-try and give viewers an eyeful of entertaining behind-the scenes adventure, exploring the unique food and culture of each city from a brand new perspective.  

In the premiere episode, Andrew will pay a visit to Nashville where he is welcomed with warm southern hospitality and explore the amazing city with his taxi driver. Andrew visits a heritage farm and enjoys a Music Row session with country music royalty. In the subsequent episodes, Andrew will travel to popular destinations, from Rio de Janeiro in Europe to Bangkok in Asia, Andrew Zimmern’s Driven By Foodwill showcase the best of local food, culture and entertainment. 

Hop along and experience traveling like never before with Andrew Zimmern! Starting from 7 December, Andrew Zimmern’s Driven By Food will be available on Travel channel every Wednesday, at 7.50pm. Travel channel is available on:

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