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Applebee's brings excitement to their 2nd branch in the metro, Eastwood City!

AppleBees Eastwood

Applebee's, that familiar Apple shape signage finally lands in bustling Eastwood City in Libis!

Thank God!  Applebee's finally opens in Eastwood City!  Applebee's, your neighborhood family restaurant, famous for their American comfort food brings excitement to the food scene in Manila.  Applebee's originally from the USA, has been around for like ages, but I first had a taste of it was when I visited Applebee's in Guam, what you see there exudes excitement, injects fun and most of all brings out the best dishes they can offer, from burgers, wings, tacos, pastas and more.

They opened their first branch in the Philippines down south of the metro in BGC, and it's not just me but people in the north rejoiced at news that they are finally opening a branch in Eastwood City.  

So what can we expect from Applebee's in Eastwood, a bigger and better place for families and friends to unwind, cool down and just enjoy good food.  So what are we having on this visit of ours... well here we go.
AppleBees Eastwood

Double Crunch Bone-In Wings in Spicy Buffalo Sauce (P395.00)

These Buffalo wings pack up some spice in every bite, but still manages to just tickle your senses in you to have another and another.  Crisp cooked and dipped in buffalo sauce is a must order appetizer at Applebee's.

AppleBees Eastwood

Nachos in Spinach and Artichoke Dip (P375.00)

You can get carried away with this I promise, this is the perfect way to just munch away the time, chatting with family and friends.  Dip those nachos in a creamy, buttery spinach and artichoke dip for a satisfying nachos experience.

AppleBees Eastwood

Sriracha Shrimp (P445.00)

The best selling Sriracha Shrimp, just bite into it and you'll know why this is ordered by almost all of the loyal customers of Applebee's.  These giant shrimps crisp fried to a special coating, then smothered in a creamy spiced sauce, adds to the thrill as your taste buds whirlwind into delicious flavors, and don't forget to clean your plate and finish up on those wonton strips. 
AppleBees Eastwood

Quesadilla Burger (P575.00)
Now this!!!!  I love Quesadilla burger! Pure beef pattie goodness, with melted cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and more cheese wrapped in quesadilla then paired with big cut fries. If you love burgers, better try this out and be pleasantly surprised.
AppleBees Eastwood

Wonton Taco (P225.00)

Next up, is Wonton Taco.  These taco treats are a sure fire hit, bringing the elements of spice and sweetness into every bite.  The tacos are crisp delicious while the filling in sweet and spicy chicken and tangy coleslaw and dipped in some sweet soy sauce, makes a mix of Asian and American flavor.

AppleBees Eastwood

Pasta Aglio (P345), add chicken for P75, add Shrimp for P150 or a combo for P175

Going for pasta?  I suggest you order the Pasta Aglio and do a combo of Chicken and Shrimp, these are really good and filling, a serving is good for 2, but if you are really hungry then it would perfect for you.

AppleBees Eastwood

Three Cheese Chicken Cavatappi (P295.00)

Another pasta offering is their Three Cheese Chicken Cavatappi, I loved how they paired it with crisp fried sweet soy chicken, to blend in with the 3-cheeses on cavatappi pasta, makes for a well rounded and balance flavor for the dish.
AppleBees Eastwood

Pork Ribs in Honey Barbecue Sauce 
(P650.00 half rack / P950.00 full)

And finally a visit at Applebee's would not be complete if you don't have the Pork Ribs in Honey Barbecue Sauce.  Their ribs are just amazing!  Grilled to perfection, these off the bone pork ribs are the best ribs this side of town.  Every bite comes full flavor as these pork ribs are carefully seasoned to give that meaty pork goodness, then crisp grilled on the outside, soft and flavorful inside.

So we're done here, but wait you must always leave room for dessert, remember that ok, so let's end our day with some of Applebee's incredible desserts.

AppleBees Eastwood

Butter Pecan Blondie (P325.00)

This butter pecan blondie is to die for!  Cookie dough mixed with pecan nuts then flavored with butter, topped with caramel flavors then smothered again with a buttery creamy dip!  Aaahhh, just thinking of it makes me want one now!  This sweet dessert can conquer and satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings, I promise!

AppleBees Eastwood

Blue ribbon Blondie (P325.00)

Take the dive into Applebee's Blue Ribbon Blondie, with all the love for nuts, whipped cream and oh la la chocolate fudge, then digging into that vanilla ice creamy goodness, ahh I'm in dessert heaven once more.

Do visit Applebee's, when you stop by Eastwood City, you'd be pleasantly surprised at what Applebee's can offer you.  Take the plunge into great tasting food, bundled with laughter and a good time.  See you guys at Applebee's!

Eastwood Citywalk 1, 
Libis, Quezon City

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