Saturday, April 18, 2015

Le Petit Souffle - A French-Japanese bistro at Century City Mall


From the brilliant minds who gave us Scout's Honor comes another masterpiece worth braving traffic for, Le Petit Souffle is not pretentious, nor are they trying too hard to please, "Perfection" is just another day at Le Petit Souffle.

We are able to partake in a food taste much earlier than when Le Petit Souffle opened, so pardon us if some of what we had, don't make it to your regular menu, or looks the same as what they are serving.
Here is what's in store for you at Le Petit Souffle.

Iced Matcha Latte with Matcha Softee, rich matcha flavored soft serve, sitting atop an ice matcha latte is a must order for matcha lovers out there!  Oozing with flavor, just enough to keep you wanting for more, I never thought I'd finished a serving, but guess what I had another one.


Vegetable Soba Pasta, this one was a surprise hit, that I don't even believe that I want to come back for more of this Vegetable Soba Pasta on my next visit.  Don't let the name turn you off, this probably is one of the best pastas I have ever had in my life, no I'm not joking.

A healthy mix of cucumber, mushrooms, eggplant, tomatoes, fresh green leafy veggies coupled with Japanese soba, it leans towards the healthier side of you, yet brings in an explosion of flavors you would love to dream of.


Honey Citrus Salad, perfect to clean up that palette and be ready for next big dish


Oh my, oh my it's the awe-mazing Mac and Foie, words can't explain how can this combination work, but indeed it has worked it's wonders.  From the luscious Mac & Cheese to slices of sausages and mushrooms, then topped with seared foie gras, promises to be more than an eye candy.  


Squid Ink Pasta, the name says it all, using squid ink to sink in flavors to the pasta dish and bring out the seafood flavor with every pasta strand, don't forget to check your teeth after this, you might find it necessary to clean them before you proceed with your day.


Matcha Azuki and Choco Parfait


Valrhona Grand Cru, I have only one word for this "genius", it is a multi-layered chocolate and caramel cake, with chocolate pearls and shards, in a creme anglaise pool, that complements yet does not overpower the chocolate goodness inside, and a warning to you... one Valrhona Grand Cru is never enough

Sad to say we were not able to try out their souffles as there were some technical issues that they had during our visit.  Do keep updated for their new menu as well as their souffle specials that will surely blow your mind.

Looking forward to my next visit and try out their souffles, enjoy the many sights and indulgences as you partake on this feast of flavors, that you would definitely miss!


Le Petit Souffle
3rd Floor Century City Mall
Makati City
FB : Le Petit Souffle

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