Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ippudo's Miso Akamaru - A whole New Ramen Experience

Ippudo brings to us a new ramen experience in Miso Akamaru starts today!

A new ramen creation has our taste buds craving for more at Ippudo Philippines!  Come forth Miso Akamaru, and fall in love with Ippudo all over again.

From the first sip to the last slurp, Ippudo Philippines has gotten me head over heels addicted over ramen once again.  I have had quite my share of ramen cravings for the longest time, and Ippudo is definitely one of the best on my list.

Having only been able to taste Ippudo here in the Philippines, (for those who don't know, Ippudo has branches in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and more),  I have been more than satisfied with their ramen offerings, but they have definitely raised their ante and proved that they are indeed one of the best if not the best ramen house in the world.

Miso Akamaru (P450) 

Miso Akamaru present ramen in thick and wavy noodles, in a flavorful fusion of 3 types of miso with Ippudo's signature tonkotsu broth, topped with a slice of torched rolled chashu, sansio ground pork, fresh brean sprouts and green cabbage.  Infused with koyu and Ippudo's red akamaru miso for that spicy garlic kick.

All that flavor in one bowl!  A rich blend of gorgeous flavors with a kick!  That is what Miso Akamaru is all about.  I was fascinated when I had my first sip of the broth, the taste of the miso was just right, then the mix of sansio ground pork and chashu added to meaty flavor, then comes the garlic spiced just right, leaving you wanting more.  For non-spicy ramen lovers, this might just tickle your spicy side but just enough to leave you ready for the next sip.  My overall impression, we may have found our next favorite bowl of ramen!   

Also there's an option to add Nori, tamago and chashu at P75.00 Do also try out their other new offerings such as their Deep-fried Gyoza and Fried Chicken Bun.

Deep-Fried Gyoza (P210)  

A crunchy twist to an Ippudo classic.  Deep-fried gyoza topped with spicy mayo, nagi and chili powder on a bed of shredded cabbage, served with Ippudo's ponzu sauce.

Fried Chicken Bun (P100)
Ippudo's signature steamed bun with glazed crunchy chicken fillet, shredded cabbage and Japanese mayonnaise.

 Believe me when I say you have to try this, it literally blow my mind.  The steamed bun was perfectly soft, and the chicken oh so crunchy on the crust, soft and juicy on the inside, a perfect companion to your ramen.

Be sure to line-up at Ippudo starting today to have a taste of their Miso Akamaru, which is only offered for a limited time.  So go get lined-up today or you might just have missed it.

Ippudo Philippines
  3rd floor Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall
(02) 470 1837
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