Sunday, August 31, 2014

Diamond Hotel Representatives Rake In Medals at the 5th Philippine Culinary Cup‏

Diamond Hotel chefs win big at the 5th Philippine Culinary Cup

The culinary team of Diamond Hotel Philippines was awarded Gold and Bronze medals in the recently concluded 5th Philippine Culinary Cup.

The culinary competition champions and their respective categories are:  Chef Mon Quilon Bronze for US Beef; Chef Linda Junio Gold for Local Fish or Seafood; Chef Allan Reta and Chef Dennis Mora Bronze for US Poultry; Chef Linda Junio Gold for Divella Pasta; the Dream Team Challenge Bronze medalists are Chef Allan Reta, Chef Michelle Ann O. Toledo, Chef Decker Gokioco and Chef Mel Taylo; and the Filipino Cuisine Challenge Gold awardees are Chef Decker Gokioco, Chef Willson Tumanon and Chef Shirley Ocenar. 

With this notable success, Diamond Hotel Philippines will continue to participate in other culinary competitions in the future.

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