Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Great Donburi Taiketsu (Showdown) + GC Giveaway!

Twice the Satisfaction: Tokyo Tokyo’s Maki 
and Shrimp Katsu Donburi

Tokyo Tokyo, the country's No. 1 Japanese fast food chain is back with a vengeance, and they are not kidding around.  Fusing traditional and up beat menu items, they have come across to bring us the Shrimp Katsu Donburi and the Maki Donburi.

A longtime staple of Tokyo Tokyo, its Donburi line up captures authentic Japanese taste with each mouthful. The Maki Donburi bowl is a surprising twist on Tokyo Tokyo’s popular California Maki, featuring a combination of crunchy Kani and crispy onion rings drizzled with zesty Japanese Mayo and a savory sauce. 

The Shrimp Katsu Donburi is another sensational dish and a creative variation of Tokyo Tokyo’s famous Katsudon. It highlights a crunchy shrimp patty smothered in rich sauce, topping a bed of steaming hot rice. Diners can now have a filling experience with a wide variety of picks.

Aside from the added variety, customers can enjoy the great pairings still at Php 85.00 for ala carte and Php 99.00 with a refreshing soft drink.  The delicious deal has earned Tokyo Tokyo many thumbs up and even more satisfied appetites year after year. 

It's time to eat up and enjoy Tokyo Tokyo's Maki and Shrimp Katsu Donburi!  Don't forget classic favorites such as Pork Katsudon, Chicken Oyakodon, Salmon and Hamburg donburi.

Now for the giveaway!  So which is your favorite?  Let's all join, just choose which Donburi you like better by answering this Survey!  Answer the survey only once, answering the same survey over again will not increase your chance of winning. Winners will be chosen from the group of the winning Donburi bowl and will be announced here.  This giveaway is on now until April 22.  Winners will be advised on how they will be get their prizes.  Join up and win P1,000 GC's from Tokyo Tokyo!

Check out Tokyo Tokyo's Facebook and Instagram (TokyoTokyoPhilippines) to be always updated for more deals and promotions!

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  1. I voted for Shrimp Katsu Donburi

  2. I voted for Shrimp Katsu Donburi! YUM!

  3. I voted for Shrimp Katsu Donburi because I love seafood! And I think it has a great impact on me! :)


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