Monday, March 31, 2014

Experience Magnum Manila starting April 8

Magnum 9
Experience Magnum Manila starting April 8

It has been a very exciting 2014 so far, with so many new restaurant concepts coming in to Manila.  But nothing has ever prepared me for this unbelievable news

"Magnum Manila is opening April 8!!!"

Yes, that's 3 exclamation points, that is how excited I am, and I am sure you are as well.  I have had the pleasure of enjoying my first ever Magnum Cafe experience in Thailand, where it's set in a very dim-lighted mood, with a no. of stores opening in Asia such as Singapore, I am so glad that they decided to open one here in Manila.

Magnum 8

The Iconic Magnum logo welcomes you as you enter this blissful piece of heaven on Earth

Magnum 1
Opening their doors on April 8, be ready to explore your creativity as you immerse yourself in pure Magnum pleasure.

Magnum 10
Pink Friday by Magnum Manila

Cookie Dough Skillet
Cookie Dough Skillet

Rainbow dream
Rainbow Dream

These are but a few of Magnum Manila's creations, priced at around P200 up, these lovely creations will surely catch every Magnum lover's fantasy.

I will be back at Magnum Manila again before the opening on April 8 and will show you more of what Magnum Manila has to offer?  Excited much?  I know I am.

Magnum 7

Feeling adventurous? Excited to have a taste of what your dream Magnum ice cream would taste like?  Guess what Magnum Manila offers you the chance to Make-your-own Magnum! For only just P100, you get to choose 3 of your favorite toppings from chocolate and vanilla syrups, nuts, cookie and cake bits and top your favorite Magnum Ice cream, ending it off with the prestigious Magnum coin

Even greater news!  The first 500 who lines up at Magnum Manila store on April 8, will get their very own Make-your-own Magnum for FREE!!! Yes it's FREE, so save the date and enjoy Magnum

Magnum Manila is the very first and perhaps the biggest POP-up store in Manila, and probably in Asia, and knowing that POP-up stores do change their concepts, we have only 12 months, that's only 1 year to enjoy Magnum Manila, and we might never see them again.  But how about we do something about it and let them change their mind.  Let's make a warm welcome throughout the year so that they would finally decide to continue with the POP-up store and also open other branches in the metro.  Let's pile up the lines and make it worthwhile to them, that is indeed a favor for us right?

Magnum Manila is located at the 5th floor Skypark in SM Aura, give in to Magnum pleasure.  See you there!

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