Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Food Alphabet supports #Foodless Plate with Healthy Options!

Let's all support Healthy Option's Foodless plate

We all love food, so does The Food Alphabet.  We appreciate the food we partake in, admire it's beauty and tempting charm, enjoy the flavors in every bite we take as it nourishes us and keeps us alive to enjoy more of life's great eats.

But one thing we all hate, leftovers!  Do you know that we produce over 2 tons of leftovers everyday.  That is why The Food Alphabet supports the cause the #Foodless Plate.

What is #Foodless Plate?  It's as obvious than it is already stated.  We need to finish our plates all the time, and not waste anymore food.

What to do to be part of this incredible campaign.

1.) After eating your meal, post a photo of your empty plate on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
2.) Include a caption and don't forget the #foodlessplate hashtag
3.) Share your #foodlessplate photo on your other social media accounts.
4.) Tag the Healthy Options Facebook Page, Twitter (@_Healthy Options) and Instagram (@HealthyOptionsPH) accounts.
5.) A donation will be made to "Hands On Manila Foundation Inc.'s EAT to FEED"  So the more your post the more donation will be made to help feed the hungry.  So invite your friends to join and part of this campaign.

I would like to thank and congratulate Healthy Options for taking such a big step in changing people's lives, let's all do our part.  #FoodlessPlate

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