Thursday, May 2, 2013

Give in to Nestle Temptations - Flavors of the World

All the best desserts of the world 
in Nestle Temptations
Enjoying the summer heat?  Then you'll love Nestle Temptations!  

Summer has still a long way to go, and as the saying goes just enjoy all the fun in the sun!  Lavish at your favorite summer destinations, may it be the beaches of Boracay, the clear waters of Puerto Princesa, the cool weather of Baguio or the light breeze of Tagaytay, whatever your destination is, you just can't escape the heat of summer.

But let's not spoil the fun of summer by hiding in the sun, my favorite way to cool off during summer?  Cups and spoons of my favorite Nestle Ice Cream!

This summer, Nestle Ice Cream brings to us ice cream lovers their latest ice cream surprise, celebrating the best desserts in the world in Nestle Temptations Flavors of the World - a range of premium smooth and velvety ice cream that will leave you wanting more.  

Presenting Nestle Temptations Flavors of the World

 Belgian Chocolate Praline
 Italian Coffee Affogato

And my favorite the French Salted Caramel

Each presents their own distinctive flavor that captures the essence of our favorite delicious desserts known the world over.  Experience Belgian chocolate goodness, rich Italian coffee goodness and dazzle yourself with French Salted Caramel, I assure you there is nothing like it.  Imagine gelato and ice creamy goodness in one.  Get them at your local supermarket at only P199.00.

But wait that's not all, Nestle ice cream also brings to us our good ol' favorite flavors, took it up a notch and here we have a creamier, smoother, and more flavorful Nestle Temptations classic favorites.  With their own taglines they are sure to capture your heart, and will leave you saying YES!

My favorite flavors: Crazy for COOKIES AND CREAM, A Night with ROCKY ROAD, UBE on my mind and Tickle Me VANILLA, such cute taglines!

Also available are DOUBLE DUTCH Daydream, DURIAN Delirium, MANGO Made me do it, Mesmerized by MOCHA, An Affair with STRAWBERRY and Flirt with CHOCOLATE.

Check out Nestle Temptations TVC

Don't resist!  Give in to Nestle Temptations!

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  1. Tried the Coffee Affogato and French Salted Caramel. Will try the Chocolate Praline next! :)

    1. Super sarap ng Salted Caramel, I bought 2 in 2 days! haha! Loved the Chocolate Praline as well, with all those crispies and choco chips... How is the Coffee Affogato?


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