Friday, October 19, 2012

Anlene... partners for Life, Now and Forever

 Anlene your partner for Life

We were recently invited to be part of statistics and to prove that indeed bone health is wealth indeed.  For years, Anlene has been the most respected expert with regards to bone health of osteoporosis among women.  This lifestyle crippling disease decreases bone density and results in significant bone breakage and fractures.  The most common being the wrist, the hip and the spine.

Anlene has addressed the issue through the years and has been helping the Filipino woman be more of their prime, reducing the risk of Osteoporosis.  A formula milk rich in calcium and Vitamin D, it cares for you more

However recent findings also suggest that 1 out 5 men over the age of 50 also has issues with Osteoporosis which increases the probability of Osteoporotic fracture.   So I would say it would be best to do bone screening at least once a year.

With RJ Ledesma (host), and Mr. and Mrs. Vince Hizon
So now that the women have their husbands to be concerned about the possibility of osteoporosis happening to men as well.  Many couples would credit the fact that for a couple's marriage to work, they should do sports, travel together as much as possible, osteoporosis should not be deterrent to what life has in-store for us.

Let's be partners for Life, now and forever.  Together with Anlene we can be a bone stronger nation.

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