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Truly Danang, A Vietnamese feast at the Market Cafe

A Vietnamese feast at the Market Cafe

Hyatt Hotel and Casino brings to you a feast like no other, bringing in guest chefs from Hyatt Regency Danang Resort Spa of Vietnam to cook for us and let Filipinos experience world class Vietnamese food entrees and desserts surely to capture our hearts.

Chef Ho Thi Tin and Chef Le Hoi Tuong take on the Market Cafe and prepared lavish dishes that tickles our palettes that will have us wanting more.


Appetizers and salads start the Vietnamese feast, as most of you may have already known, Vietnamese food is mostly healthy and light.  Making use of the greens that we all love, and fantastically a combination of vegetables that is worth more than a thousand words.


Take a bite at Green Mango Salad with scallops and sesame crackers, or Pomelo salad with dried shrimp and mint leaves, and better yet my favorite Chicken salad with cabbage, onion and mint leaves.  Now what are shrimp crackers for?  Well a nice idea would be to put the salad on the cracker, like you use it for a topping, and its a great combination.  Try it, you would surely love it.


Well were not finished yet with the appetizers.  Take a bite at grilled beef on lemongrass, with anchovies sauce.  The beef tasted a little light as well, not as beefy as you would have expected, but this suits the Vietnamese taste really well.


Take a sip on Sweet and sour soup, with tomato, bean sprout and tiger prawns.  This is not your regular soup.  It's clear, its definitely sweet with the use of pineapples and yet after the first sip, it was pleasant surprise to taste a blend of the sourness that was so mild and refreshing, this you definitely have to try.


Now we go to our Main entrees of the Vietnamese spread, choices include the Simmered chicken leg, ginger, spring onion (tastes so much like the 3-cup chicken we get from Chinese restaurants), the Braised Duck with taro and fermented bean curd.

Other choices include the Fried rich with salted fish, crab meat and asparagus, the Sauteed Spinach with young corn and oyster sauce as well as the Sauteed beef tenderloin in green pepper, onion and capsicum

You must sample the Pan-fried Sea Bass fillet with lemongrass, chili and turmeric.  The texture and the fish was so amazing, I can hardly stop myself from chipping off meat by meat, until well, it's gone.


Take a slice, no take two at the live station and have yourself some Oven-baked pork leg with five spices and honey.  No need for sauces, this flavor infused dish will surely be a crowd favorite.


After all that calories, let's pack in more with their deliciously made desserts, from cream caramel to mango pudding, with wild names such as pic skin cake.


My favorite dessert with this buffet spread?  The Banana soup with coconut milk, roasted peanut and sweet tapioca makes for the perfect ending to a sumptuous buffet.

Offered from Sept. 7 - 16, guests of the Market Cafe will surely be taken into a world of Vietnamese wonders, and is offered for lunch and dinner buffets, what's more they can get a chance to win amazing prizes in a special lucky draw with the following prizes:

1st prize - Two-night stay in a Club Room with breakfast and Regency Club privileges at the Hyatt Regency Danang Resorts and Spa, Vietnam

2nd prize - Two-night stay in a guestroom for two at Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa, Vietnam

3rd prize - over night stay in a guestroom with breakfast for two at Hyatt Hotel and Casino.

For more information about the promo and dinner buffet prices, please call Hyatt Hotel and Casino at +632-247-8666.

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