Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kokoro Ramenya - newest ramen place in town


Delicious Ramen experience at Kokoro Ramenya

Love Ramen?  Then you have to try out Kokoro Ramenya at Roxas Boulevard, Manila and discover for yourself why this is fast becoming a favorite ramen place of Japanese tourists and locals alike.


Sourcing only the best ingredients to give you that full Japanese flavor and experience Kokoro Ramenya takes pride in their Chef, Chef Susumo Murata in his expertise to give you an authentic Japanese culinary treat like no other.


Enjoy appetizers with fresh slices of Tuna Sashimi (P245)


Or give it a little flavor with Spicy Tuna (P255), each piece of fresh cut tuna hinted a little spice with chili seeds and the juice of the meat, dipped in wasabi in soy sauce, makes me crave for more.


What is a Japanese restaurant without sushi, well in this case 4 hefty pieces of sushi, Hutomaki (P255).  With its filling of fresh cucumber, tamago, crabstick and Unagi (eel), adds something new and delightful to taste than the usual sushi roll.


Their choices of Ramen were more than a mouthful, such as Hakata Classic (P325), made with pork broth and tasty toppings and a hard boiled egg to garnish, and Curry Ramen (P285), thick and tasty, just how curry should be.


Other choices of ramen were Beef Shoyu Ramen (P285), which I would think has drawn inspiration from the Taiwan Beef noodles that I so loved in Taiwan, but on a lighter blend, so as not to be overpowering as well.  And we also had Sapporo Seafood Ramen (P445), when you just have to have seafood then this is it, with crabsticks, squid and everything you want from the sea, blended perfectly into this ramen treat.


Get to try their Nabeyaki Udon (P345), from mushrooms, tempura, vegetable tempura, they have gotten you all covered, enjoy this special udon in this special cast iron pot, just like your sukiyaki


Craving for more? Then try their other specials such as their Beef Teppanyaki (P445)


or Mixed Teppanyaki (P345), with Yasai Itame on the side


And of course, how can we forget Ebi Tempura (P275), one of my favorite dishes that if I had twenty, I would still finish them all.


Kokoro Ramenya is not just your ordinary ramen place, but a place where the love for Japanese Ramen never ends.  See you here soon.

Kokoro Ramenya
2/F Avenue of the Arts Building
1388 Roxas Boulevard cor. Sta. Monica
and LM Guerrero St. Ermita Manila
Tel No. 254-9716

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