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Heritage Cuisines by Taal Vista Hotel


Taal Vista hotel celebrates their 
75th Anniversary with Heritage Cuisines

Taal Vista hotel, one of the most prolific and one of the most well-known hotels in Tagaytay.  Providing the Filipino people with only the best Tagaytay experience since the 1960's, now is still the most sought after hotel this side of town.

Celebrating their 75th anniversary, Taal Vista proudly presents Heritage Cuisines, a collection of timeless Filipino dishes handed down from generation to generation.

Crafted by Taal Vista Hotel Executive Chef Babes Austria, Heritage Cuisines brings to us old favorites with a twist.  Using only fresh and seasonal vegetables, grown in the fertile lands of Tagaytay, venturing into local markets, making each dish a masterful art of delicious goodness.

The Heritage Cuisines starts with hefty serving of rice choices:


Pinipig Rice, cooked with fresh pinipig in coconut juice, and Binusang Kanin sa Balaksila, steamed rice tossed in crispy salted shrimp.

And below the line-up of fine dishes Chef Babes is truly proud of

Ensaladang Pako with itlog na maalat and Calamansi Vinaigrette

A salad of blanched wild fern in coconut juice with calamansi-honey vinaigrette, topped with sliced salted egg, tomatoes and red onion


Bulanglang ng Tagaytay 

a dish of simmered assorted native vegetables cooked with ginger and rice water.


Maliputo sa Miso

pride of Tagaytay, Maliputo is a delectable fish only found in Taal Lake, the fish is cooked in homemade miso broth with tomatoes and local mustard leaves.


Adobo sa Tubo ni Tatang

in honor of Mr. Henry Sy Sr., his favorite dish of all time, made with a combination of sugarcane and coffee beans mixing it with local peppercorn and homemade vinegar captured the heart of Mr. Henry Sy Sr.


Sinantulang Organic Roast Chicken

a rice dish of free range organic chicken stuffed with native Santol and cooked in heavy fresh coconut cream with chili


Nilagang Pata ng baboy sa Native mais, Gabi at Sitaw

a dish of boiled pork hock and knuckle with a medley of vegetables including corn, taro and long bean



A dish consisting of the combination of Dulong and prawns wrapped in Taro leaves and slowly braised in young coconut milk


Grilled Salt Crusted fish with tamarind florets

Freshly caught fish covered with salt and wrapped with banana leaves and foil to seal in freshness and give you that moist and very flavorful dish

Think you have enough?  Let's do desserts as well


Brazo de Nilupak - an adaptation of the Filipino favorite Brazo de Mercedes with a filling of pounded cassava with butter, sugar and milk


Enjoy the Guyabano Cheesecake and Pumpkin Leche Flan

All originals from Chef Babes, all delicious and tasty treats


Have a taste of different home made ice creams with flavors made from Gabi or Taro, Gatas ng Kalabaw, Java Mint Fulay and Tomato. 


And the two most sought after desserts, the Caramelized Baklang Saba and Balinghoy with Langka. The Baklang Saba, a discovery of Chef Babes, is a cross between Latundan and Saba, just like the famous afternoon snack banana cue, but this it totally better!

It was a night full of flavor and pride in Filipino dishes.  As Chef Babes says, "Don't be a stranger to your own Filipino dishes."  Enjoy these Heritage Cuisines, hand crafted by Chef Babes of Taal Vista Hotel starting August 15, 2012.  Served only at Cafe on the Ridge.  Call 886-4325 or (046)-413-1000 to reserve.  

Taal Vista Hotel is located along Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City.  Visit their website at

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