Saturday, August 4, 2012

Twister fries is back at Mc Donald's!


Twister Fries is back!

Missed these potato treats? Of course, and just about time.  Mc Donald's brings to us our favorite potato treat other than their much-loved french fries.  I guess this will be the nth time I have been welcoming the comeback of a regular favorite.


See them now in a new packaging, with potatoes all over.  Nice touch right?  But as much as my devotion to Mc Donald's Twister Fries, I do feel a little lonely, why? well these babies are now weighed before served, so with the bigger packaging, you may feel a little short changed, but I guess weighing them to equals should be better for us. 


Take a big bite! Get it for P59.00 ala carte.  Add P35 to upsize to Twister fries from a regular meal, or add P15 to upsize to Twister fries from a medium meal.  Or pair it with your favorite Mc Float.  Haha can't wait to my hands on Mc Donald's Twister fries.  Time to call 8-MCDO now?  Or drop by Mc Donald's 24 hour stores and get your share.

Remember this is only for a limited time, as always.  Hope they have enough!

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