Monday, July 16, 2012

Whose side are you on? Little Pea vs. Mister Porky

The fight rages on! Little Pea vs. Mister Porky

Delivered at my doorstep were two (2) Habi bags, and they are indeed a surprise.  What are Habi bags?  Habi bags are hand made and designed by the people of Baseco, using scrap packaging materials, then are woven into bags, containers and accessories. These multiple folds of the woven strips make Habi bags strong and durable, notice the bags are made from Oishi scrap wrappers, innovative right?  You can find Habi bags at Kultura, and for custom designs you email

So back to the fight. Team Porky, Baked Porky Pops by Oishi, these treats are loved by many, made from real meaty goodness of lean pork skin and crunchy as you like it without the guilt as they are air-popped, not fried.  It has 30% less fat and calories than your regular chicharon.  Enjoy it in two satisfying flavors: Classic vinegar and Hot and Spicy.  Go for #TeamPorky!

And for Team Pea, it's the un-pork chicharon!  Yes it's good chicharon feel without the guilt.  This is Marty's Vegetarian Chicharon.  Great about this treat, is that it's cholesterol-free.  Made with green peas and is available in three flavors: Salt and Vinegar, Plain Salted and Spicy Vinegar.  Go for healthy treats and join #TeamPea!

Whichever team you go for, you can only be sure of healthy goodness that is truly O Wow! Truly Oishi.  So whose side are you on?  #TeamPea vs. #TeamPorky!  To find out more about Oishi visit them at

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