Sunday, July 22, 2012

Find your way to happiness with Seattle's Best new offerings


Love desserts?  Then you'll definitely fall in love with Seattle's Best new offerings!  Yes we all love cakes, but Seattle's Best made something even better.  By making the best loved cake desserts into drinks that fill us up with happiness.


Presenting to you the SBC Heavenly Cheesecake and SBC Red Velvet. Both these mouth-watering confections are available in Hot Mocha and ice-blended Javakula. 


SBC Heavenly Cheesecake is a perfect blend of our smooth coffee, white fudge and cheesecake bits topped with a cloud of whipped cream and graham crust. While the SBC Red Velvet is a harmonious mix of our coffee, red velvet fudge and chocolate chunks, covered with whipped cream and red velvet crumbs.

It's awesome that SBC made this, well at least we can have our favorite desserts and coffee in one! I just love how it tastes, period.  What's best is that you get the full creamy goodness of your favorite desserts without sacrificing the taste of smooth coffee.  Just perfect, kudos SBC!  Great job!


Try out these new drinks and you’re sure fall in love with them, happy times ahead. Visit your favorite Seattle’s Best Coffee branch today.  Like Seattle’s Best Coffee Philippines on Facebook.

Selling Price:
Hot Mocha: P140 (small), P150 (medium), P160 (large)
Ice-Blended Javakula: P160 (small), P170 (medium), P180 (large)

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