Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Celebrity Moms Ham it Up with Purefoods


Purefoods Fiesta Ham Smoked Boneless

Pure premium meat sugar-glazed to perfection.

For years, sweet slices of carefully-cured PUREFOODS FIESTA HAM® has been the star of Noche Buena, and for years, as the Christmas season withers down, we have been made to wait days, weeks, and months until the taste of the sweet glazed ham graces our taste buds once again.


Beyond the Yuletide festivities, celebrity moms and PUREFOODS® Hambassadors, Suzi Entrata-Abrera, Christine Jacob-Sandejas, Barbie Almalbis-Honasan and Danica Sotto-Pingris apply that Noche Buena zeal to every occasion.

Ham after a workout, ham for a date, ham for birthday parties, ham during Sundays—Ham it Up! Whoever said that ham was only served during Noche Buena has never witnessed the culinary creativity of these mothers.

Sunday’s Best, Post-workout Snack, Kid-friendly Party or Date Night, celebrity mothers Suzi Entrata-Abrera, Christine Jacob, Barbie Almabis and Danica Sotto make sure they only use the best for their family and friends.  With Crepe pouches and kebabs, salads and creamy potato soup with small bits of ham, creamy pasta or Ham Wellington, it will surely make for a memorable and tasty treat.


You too can be a PUREFOODS® Hambassador like Christine, Suzi, Barbie and Danica. Unleash the inner chef in you and let your creativity flow with PUREFOODS FIESTA HAM® Smoked Boneless.

Chef Jessie thus showcased some of her recipes using Purefoods Fiesta Ham Smoked Boneless, with inspiration taken from celebrity moms, it is perfect for everyday meals, from salads to appetizers, from soups to pastas, from main course to desserts, you can never get enough of Purefoods Fiesta Ham Smoked Boneless.




Take pride and whip your own recipe with Purefoods Fiesta Ham Smoked Boneless.  The options are limitless and Purefoods Fiesta Ham gives you that smoked sweet goodness, the rich taste of ham, and glazed to perfection to give you that lasting taste with every bite.

Go to your favorite supermarkets and get to enjoy ham all year through with Purefoods Fiesta Ham Smoked Boneless.  The Purefoods Fiesta Ham comes sliced for your convenience to thaw and cook faster for light or heavy meals.  Purefoods Fiesta Ham Smoked Boneless will always be a part of the Filipino palette, not only during Noche Buenas.

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