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Li Li Chinese Restaurtant at Hyatt Hotel and Casino


Li Li Chinese Restaurant at Hyatt Hotel and Casino

Just recently, I had the chance to stop by and visit Li Li Chinese Restaurant at Hyatt Hotel and Casino in Manila.  Upon entering one can't help but notice the lavish interior, fine furniture, and the feeling of royalty as you enter the restaurant proper.  Drawing inspiration from the infamous Li li Ho, this may be the closest that I'll get to be living that dream.


Li Li Chinese Restaurant lives up to its name, and prestigious is not enough a word to describe her grandeur setting.  I would like to hope that one day, I would have a dining place as gorgeous as this.



Before we engage ourselves with the pleasure of enjoying our sumptuous dimsum buffet, we were treated to Gongfu tea making ceremony, which I found really relaxing.  It shows the guests how welcome they are in a friend's home.  Just watching our tea maker, in cleansing the cups to brewing the tea then serving them in style, makes me feel I'm already royalty.  You may request for this tea ceremony on select rooms, which lasts around 10 - 15 minutes.

Serve tea with nuts and pickled vegetables as appetizers, can really work you up an appetite.  And so with our stomachs growling, let's start the food fest.


Xiao long bao, Shanghai-style steamed pork and crab meat dumpling, soft wrap with lots of juice.  Dip in black vinegar and ginger, makes a perfect dimsum delicacy, the world has known over.


Hakao, steamed shrimp and bamboo pith dumpling, a favorite of mine for all time.
Kinda like the the king of dimsum, rich flavor, bite after bite.


Sio Mai, steamed pork and dried scallop dumpling, perhaps the most famous dimsum, known all over the world and served in almost all Chinese restaurants in the world.  Deep fried taro, had a crispy crust and soft chewy taro, a great addition to Li Li's dimsum lineup.


Glutinous dumping, white chocolate and fine peanut, and seafood dumpling


Deep-fried bicho-bicho, shrimp with wasabi-mayonnaise sauce


The Chef even took the liberty of serving us a special, lobster dumpling, yummy!
I love the bird centerpiece, it's edible, but the chef said it's just for show.

Other specialties include chicken feet in abalone sauce, steamed barbecued pork buns, steamed spare ribs with red dates, stir-fried rice roll with XO chili sauce, stir fried raddish cake and lots more to choose from.

Enjoy the Dimsum buffet at Li Li Chinese restaurant, for only P725++ per person.  That's less than P800 each.  Or dine during Sundays, you can enjoy a main dish, servings from the roasting station with Peking Duck and Suckling pig and more, with treats from the dessert station for only P1,850++.  This dimsum buffet is just too hard to resist.  Head on to Li Li Restaurant, and know why it is one of Manila's best known Chinese restaurants.

Li Li Chinese Restaurant
5th Level, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila
1588 Pedro Gil St. cor. M.H. Del Pilar St., Malate
Manila, Philippines
(+632) 245-1234

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