Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun Eating at The Old Spaghetti House

When taking your meal don't think just eat.... 
that's what makes a meal perfect!!!
Classic Carbonara - P 145
Chicken and Mushroom Pasta - P145

Pesto with Grilled Chicken - P150
The only black-ink pasta in the market today Pasta Negra - P145.... surprisingly it tastes good!!!
Grilled chicken with roasted tomato sauce pasta combo - P 175... fresh and hot
American Baked Spareribs - P185... a best-seller and a favorite of all time
Roast Beef wrap - P 98 Yummy!!!
US Beef Salpicao - P 175... Just the best way to eat beef cubes
Appetizer Platter - P210 with Onion rings, Calamares and Chicken Fingers rolled into one
Pepper crusted fish w/ Spaghetti in Sun-dried Tomato Pesto - P145
Chicken Bar-B-Q with Java rice - P 165
Salmon Fillet in Spinach Cream Sauce - P 250
Tasty thin crust Four Cheese pizza P 220.... for my nephew

Who says dining out is expensive?  Here at The Old Spaghetti House, you get your fill and more!!
Also try their TRIO TREAT COMBOS for maximum fulfillment!!

Price Range - P150 - P250
The Old Spaghetti House
3rd floor Midtown Wing
Robinson's Place Manila
Tel no. 567-TOSH (8674)

For the full menu please CLICK HERE
and visit their FACEBOOK PAGE for promos and announcements.


  1. I always love TOSH's warm cookie ala mode dessert :D

  2. Actually yes that is delicious.. this is one of the best branches I have been with TOSH, I cannot for all the branches but I can guarantee only the best food is what they serve here.

    See you here sometime soon.

  3. I love TOSH.Their Apple Cinnamon Cheesecake is the best!

  4. I love TOSH too!! My faves-- pesto with grilled chicken, arrabiatta, oriental spaghetti, gambasetti and roasted beggie ratatouille pasta :) sana they'd have the roast beef rice meal again...

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