Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yummy Yogurts at Yoggle

Eating healthy equals healthy living.  

Living healthy is now a must in our society, with such we now have our vegetarians, diet-enhancing meals, our daily gym visits and of course healthy foods.  Going natural has been the trend nowadays with organic produce and other organic products taking a high demand in our society.  That is why Yogurt has now made it big with our friends and families.  It is delectable and healthy, perfect for the whole family.

Yoggle, pronounced as Yaggle ( o is in German), is now open to serve you luscious Yogurt with all the right flavors and all the best and freshest toppings.  
My choices were Vanilla, Strawberry and Taro Yogurt
And after all the hard work... here is my masterpiece
well as you can see I'm really bad in decorating so here is why I got friends
who did it perfect
What I like about Yoggle is that they serve 8 flavors at the same time and they change some flavors within a 2-week period leaving the best sellers in tact, so you get to taste all the 32 flavors they have, but what's great is that there are more coming.....  All their ingredients are US made, so you can be sure of the quality and goodness of their yogurt.

Their flavors presently include Plain tart, Strawberry, Kiwi, Banana, Taro, Watermelon, Vanilla and Mocha Cappucino.

Just follow the instructions and lets your taste buds feel the excitement, and let your body feel nourished and healthy
Get your cup, fill it with any flavor you wish, sprinkle it with toppings of your choice and weigh it at P20 / ounce, then enjoy its goodness with friends.

Thanks to Richard Co for inviting us over and Mr. Andy Tan and company for accommodating us.

Yoggle Frozen Yogurt Bar
RONAC Bldg.,
Ortigas Ave., cor Santolan
11am to 11pm
Please visit their FACEBOOK PAGE for more promos and new updates!!


  1. I wonder if they will open a branch in Cebu :D They seem a lot like the Yogurt version of Gelatissimo, it would be fun to taste new yogurt flavors aside from the usual ones

  2. yes, so many flavors to choose from and more to come!! yummy!!


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