Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Philippine Food Quiz Night – a hit among the Filipino youths in Spain who attend event on Filipino gastronomy and traditions

A total of 6 teams participated in the Philippine Food Quiz Night held at Kaboodle restaurant in Madrid

In celebration of the National Food month, the Philippine Embassy conducted a Philippine Food Quiz Night which proved to be a hit among the Filipino youths.  Several teams joined the event to test their knowledge on Filipino gastronomy and traditions on 26 April 2024 using online Kahoot app and Jeopardy games.

A total of 6 vying teams: Pinoy Ako team, Kare-Kare Four, Sini-gang, Team Namit, BBQ-ties and The Mighty Runners joined the fun event with lots of laughter and joyful spirit of camaraderie at Kaboodle Madrid restaurant (Calle Garellano, 11, Madrid) where everyone, despite their competitiveness, ended the program with such high emotions of happiness and are looking forward to another round of the quiz night very soon.

A variety of sumptuous Filipino dishes were served after to the delight of the participants.

Consul General Mark Francis Hamoy, Quiz Master of the Philippine food quiz night, poses with the winning team Pinoy Ako.

“Namit guid! (really yummy!)” as one of the members of Team Namit shows the Italian sign for delicious food

This group of runners also joined the fun food trivia event

Two former auxiliares language assistants, who helped create the virtual Jose Rizal Walking Tour video, brought along their Spanish boyfriends as participants to the game, which won them second prize

The Pinoy Ako team won first prize.  This cheerful group composed of Dulce, Shan, Jeona and Gio, has been very proactive in supporting many Embassy activities.  Fourth from right is Richard Advincula, Filipino participant to the top Spanish culinary competition program “MasterChef España”, now works in a top restaurant for one of the program´s show host.

Cristine and Ardel, Embassy and MWO personnel, together with friends formed the Sini-gang team

Gugu Francisco, first from right, brought along her friends from her university to form the group BBQ-ties

Team Namit is composed of participants from Iloilo

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