Thursday, May 11, 2023

McDonald’s opens its doors again to provide safe space for students’ after-school studying

McDonald’s turns its party areas into night time study halls for students 

McDonald's recognizes the importance of education and the challenges students face in finding a safe and conducive learning environment for after-school work. With this in mind, McDonald's continues to provide a solution that caters to their needs. 

In 2020, over 200 McDonald’s Party Areas were turned into McDonald’s Classrooms that catered to teachers’ need for a safe, work-friendly place to conduct their online classes. Coming from the success and impact of the McDonald’s Classroom in the past years, McDonald’s elevates the program to better utilize its party areas and maximize the use of it during the night time. Last March 28, 2023, McDonald's Night Classroom in 60 participating McDonald’s stores near key universities opened their doors to students to cater to their late night study sessions from 8 PM to 6 AM daily.

The McDonald's Night Classroom is equipped with solo study and wide table setups, plus a fast and reliable free WiFi access powered by Smart Communications Inc. to provide students with uninterrupted study sessions.

“We at Smart are glad to be part once again of McDonald’s Night Classroom, an innovative and meaningful project in the service of Filipino teachers and students. By providing world-class connectivity, we aim to empower them to make the most of their teaching and learning moments and truly live more today,” said James R. Jorge, AVP and  Head of Smart Broadband and Consumer WiFi at Smart.

Aside from free WiFi access, McDo in partnership with Coca Cola will also be giving free meals to all Night Classroom attendees who show up on their reserved time slot available until May 31. Students simply need to show their valid school IDs and reservation forms to avail their free Burger McDo with Coke McFloat 16oz.

“Coca-Cola Philippines is proud to be a partner of McDonald's Night Classroom program and help provide students with a comfortable and productive space for their after-school studying,” said Coca-Cola Philippines President Antonio del Rosario. “It is important to continuously empower the youth and education is the key to a better future. We are committed to supporting initiatives that empower and inspire young people."

For an additional boost of productivity, Night Classroom attendees can also claim big deals and discounts on their McDonald’s favorites through exclusive offers from the McDonald’s App.

With the Night Classroom, students can now have a convenient and comfortable location to complete their academic tasks, allowing them to maximize their productivity.

“McDonald’s has always been a safe and trusted space to create feel-good moments for all— whether you’re a family eating out, an employee getting their coffee fix before work, or a student looking for a place to pull an all-nighter. Students have made McDonald’s as their go-to place for meetings or study sessions, so McDonald’s Night Classroom is another way for us to be there for them and support them with their schoolwork,” said Oliver Rabatan, McDonald's Philippines Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

Ready to pull an all-nighter the McDonald’s way? Visit the nearest McDonald’s Night Classroom now. 

For the complete list of participating stores, visit Follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to stay on the loop with McDonald’s updates.

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