Sunday, May 14, 2023

Kami naman, Ma! McDonald’s captures the essence of giving back to our mothers with its Mother’s Day short film

As we grow up, our mothers are growing old too. This Mother’s Day, McDonald’s releases its Mother’s Day short film that captures the essence of appreciating the love and care our mothers gave us while we were growing up. Now that we’ve grown, it’s for us to step up, give back, and say “kami naman, Ma!”

The short film opens with a daughter meticulously going through her mother’s travel bag then finds that she forgot to pack her senior citizen ID, to which her mom affectionately jokes, “senior moment!” Soon enough, her mom’s friends start coming in to fetch her for their trip, but before going away, the daughter hands over McDonald’s as a pabaon, an act of love that our mothers have done for us many times when we were growing up. The short film ends with a flashback to when it was still the mom sending off her little daughter to a field trip, indicating how times have already changed and now it’s time for the daughter to give back what her mother has done for her while growing up. 

Mothers truly deserve their spotlight this Mother’s day, and to further spread the love, McDonald's is also offering a special Mother’s Day bundle promo from May 12 to 18 where customers can enjoy a free McFlurry with Oreo and 1.5L Bottle of Coca Cola with every purchase of 4-pc McShare Box with McSpaghetti Platter available via Dine In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru and McDelivery.

McDonald's is committed to serving not only delicious food but also with being an avenue for more bonding moments with the family. Watch McDonald’s Mother’s Day short film via the McDonald's Facebook page and make sure to make this day extra special for your mom.

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